The UN accuses North Korea of ​​stealing more than $ 300 million in cryptocurrency. world

The UN accuses North Korea of ​​stealing more than $ 300 million in cryptocurrency.  world

A confidential UN report released by the South Korean press on Wednesday (10) states that The North Korea Stolen more than $ 300 million in cryptocurrency with cyber attacks in recent months. Its purpose will be to finance the restricted nuclear and ballistic programs in the international community, the document.

The report, written by a group of experts monitoring the application of sanctions against North Korea, estimates that “in total, the theft of virtual goods carried by the country amounted to $ 316.4 million between 2019 and November 2020”.

Revenue with cryptocurrency movements will

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Revenue with cryptocurrency movements will

As of Thursday (1), the IRS will be informed about the movements of the so-called cryptocurrency, which is virtual money. The demand for this type of currency has increased significantly.

The document states that financial institutions and stock exchanges were targets of cyber attacks so that Pyongyang could finance the development of nuclear and ballistic programs. Most of the revenue would have come from two thefts committed in late 2020.

“A preliminary analysis of the vectors used for the attack and the means used to reduce illegal revenue reveals a strong relationship with the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea,” the report said has gone.

There are thousands of trained hackers in North Korea who have attacked companies and institutions in South Korea and other countries. North Korea’s pirates are avenging several restrictions imposed on the country, most notably by the United States for its weapons programs.

Negotiations between Pyongyang and Washington have failed since the failure of the summit between then President Donald Trump and dictator Kim Jong-un in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2019. One reason for the strike was the lack of consensus on concessions that North Korea needed. Do so in return for lifting sanctions and reducing international pressure.

Pyongyang’s cyber skills gained global fame at the time of North Korea in 2014 He was accused of attacking Sony Pictures Entertainment in return for the film “The Interview”, A comedy that makes fun of Kim Jong-un.

There is also suspicion that Pyongyang stole $ 81 million from the Central Bank of Bangladesh in 2016 and about $ 60 million from Taiwan’s Far Eastern International in 2017.

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