The veto against the AstraZeneca vaccine variant could hinder Brazilians from entering Europe. world

The veto against the AstraZeneca vaccine variant could hinder Brazilians from entering Europe.  world

decision of European Medicines Agency (EMA) to not include coveshieldCommentary version of handjob astraZeneca built into India, in a list of approved immunities for travelers to have their digital certificates, expressed doubts regarding the entry of citizens of countries outside the bloc into the European Union. brazilian fiocruz Of the 66 million doses of the vaccination agent AstraZeneca, 4 million prepared doses were received from Covishield – which would make it difficult for Brazilians to travel to Europe.

On Tuesday (29), when the agency announced a decision on differences between Kovishield’s formula and AstraZeneca’s original, the African Union criticized the measure, which it called “unfair”.

“The availability of the European certificate, with the potential to facilitate free and safe circulation in all EU member states and some affiliated countries, is an important step forward,” the African entity said in a statement. “However, current applicability guidelines put at risk the equitable treatment of people who, like most African Union member states, have received some versions of vaccines distributed by the EU-backed COVAX consortium.”

The statement said that Kovax Serum distributes the institute-manufactured CoviShield, but with the exclusion of the EMA, “people who received this vaccination despite not being able to prove immunization, including the limitations of movement and testing.” Will be subject to public health restrictions. requirements, with considerable ‘administrative and financial implications’.

Brazilian Fiocruz received 4 million ready-made doses from Covishield, including 66 million doses of the immunizing agent AstraZeneca – Photo: Andre Az/Fiocruz

AstraZeneca’s vaccine was developed in partnership with the University of Oxford and is produced under license by several laboratories such as Indian Serum, South Korean Bioscience and Fiocruz.

Vaccination certificates in Brazil specify the brand, but not the origin, of the administered vaccination agent – ​​which could expose all people receiving vaccines from AstraZeneca to the effects of the European veto. So far, Fiocruz has not commented on the matter.

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