The volleyball team will have Gabby, Rosamaria and Tanara absent at the opening of the League of Nations. game

The volleyball team will have Gabby, Rosamaria and Tanara absent at the opening of the League of Nations.  game
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The volleyball team will have Gabby, Rosamaria and Tanara absent at the opening of the League of Nations.

Brazil women’s team

Happy days live in Saquarema. Coach Jose Roberto Guimaraes believes in a positive start to the work, with a new group regarding the runner-up artists in Tokyo last year. At the same time, he takes care of important names that will be absent in the opening of the season: Gabby will receive a rest period, while Rosamaria and Tanara are recovering from injuries.

The indicator of Turkey-aware Bank comes from the heavy order of the games. In May, he
Won the Turkish Championship title and was named Player of the Tournament

, The athlete is still playing in this Sunday’s Champions League final against Italy’s Conegliano.

The calendar-opening competition is the League of Nations (VNL), the first leg of which will take place in Bossier City, United States, from May 31 to June 4. The selection will face Germany, Poland, the Dominican Republic and the United States.

Afterwards, the athletes returned to Brazil for another week of training at Saquerema, at Ginacio Nilsson Nelson in Brasilia, between 15 and 19 June, before the second leg. This time around, the rivals will be Turkey, Netherlands, Italy and Serbia.

– Gabby has to rest. She is now playing in the Champions League final in Europe, has already sprained her leg (in the Turkish Championship) and needs rest from everything. We have to respect it. Let’s make a mix for this League of Nations start – said Ze Roberto, who does not confirm the striker’s presence at the Brasilia stage.

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Gabby Awarebank was one of the highlights of the campaign (Photo: Disclosure)

Gabby is one of the highlights of AwareBank (Photo: Disclosure)

Rosamaria and Tainara, who work in conditions of tip and opposite, arrive in the city of Reggio dos Lagos without ideal conditions even after physical problems. The former is recovering from a sprained left ankle during a game between his Serie A team, Novara and Chiari. Secondly, in turn, he has swelling in his right shoulder.

– We have to be careful. Rosamaria has not fully recovered from its foot and undergoes treatment to be in the best position to jump back without pain. She will train with Bonnie (assistant) in Saquerema. Tanara has a swollen shoulder and hasn’t attacked yet. It came here that way, and we have to preserve it so that when we come back from the United States it will arrive better – said Ze Roberto.

Weightlifters Makris, Roberta and Kenya, Pointers Pre Darroit, Karina and Julia Bergman, Pointers/Opposites Rosamaria, Tanara and Anna Cristina, Opposite Points Lorraine, Lorena and Casey, Center Carol, Diana, Lorena, Julia Kudis and Mayani, and Liberals Natinha and Nyeme.

Of these, only Anna Cristina of Turkey’s Fenerbache has not performed yet. She arrives in Brazil on Tuesday and joins the group on Monday in So Paulo.

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