The way you log in to your Google Account will change on November 9th

The way you log in to your Google Account will change on November 9th

From 9 November A significant change will come into effect with respect to your own access account google: introduction of two-step verification.

Confirmation in two phases will change from November 9

These days the Mountain View giant is sending out some informative emails with all the useful details to get you ready for the new account access method. Google The sole purpose of which, we remind you, is to improve security and protect your most important and personal data.

In the email we get to know that “After entering the password, you will have to complete the second step on the phone. Keep your phone handy when you log in. “The company continues by announcing that”Two-Step Verification will be activated automatically on 9th November. You can activate this feature first: Your account is ready“.

Google offers the possibility to activate two-step verification immediately by clicking on the link in the email, while a this other link It explains how two-step verification works.

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