The woman managed to catch a dog that had fallen from a height of 6 meters; Video

Mulher pega cachorro que caiu de prédio

A woman followed her instincts and managed to save the life of her dog, who had fallen from a 6 meter high window. This week, in Kent, United States, a video of the surveillance camera of the building where Rachel lives with her dog went viral on the Internet.

In the pictures, Rachel can be seen talking to a man daily mail, a window fitter, at the entrance of the building. The girl was standing on the front ladder when her eyes fell on something. When he looked up, he gasped, “Oh my God!”

That’s when Rachel saw him border collie dog 6 year old Florence. The pet opened the bathroom window and was about to fall directly onto the sidewalk from a height of 6 meters. The owner shouted for the dog to come back, but it was too late. The dog fell and Rachel saw Florence coming, coming, coming. Before he could think of anything, the woman reached out and grabbed the pet. Thanks to the quick thinking of its owner, the dog barely touched its paws on the ground.

attached dog

On the Internet, netizens were even more impressed by Window Assembler’s reaction – or lack thereof. Surely he was surprised, but it seemed that after the whole scene, he would simply turn to the girl and continue talking about her services. The video has garnered over 50 lakh views on Twitter, not counting the shares.

The best news is that Florence only had pain in one leg, but she was not seriously injured. “She’s always been an independent bitch, but I think she’s been clingy since the pandemic and working from home, she’s always wanted to be by my side,” Rachel told the Daily Mail. “I didn’t know how far she would go.”

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