The young man’s job by entering the zoo in the field of monkeys – News –

The young man’s job by entering the zoo in the field of monkeys – News –

Woman caught inside the enclosure Reserved for monkeys– Spider was fired from a law firm at the El Paso Zoo in the United States where he worked. Lucy Rai, as the attacker’s identity, was identified by employers in a video shared on the social network.

In a shared Instagram record, Lucy appears next to two animals, while apparently trying to feed them. With “breakfast”, Says the caption for the post.

In an interview with ABC 7, facility watchman Mason Kleist said that not only the young woman Put yourself in danger, But it could also harm spider monkeys with foods they are not used to.

“They may be little monkeys, but they can take you to the floor if you want,” Kleist explained.

The caretaker also says that Lucy revealed the risk of contamination to the animals in the text. COVID-19 . By: “We took the necessary measures to protect them from the disease, so someone can go there and give food with hands, ruining everything,” he said.

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Zoo director Joe Montisano used the words “stupid” and “lucky” referring to the young woman and plans to file a complaint against her in the coming days.

The office from which Lucy was sacked said in a statement released on Facebook that “Irresponsible behavior And negligent “submitted by the former employee.

ABC7 was informed by the company that Lucy Rae is in the position of a litigation assistant in the local personal injury department.

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The woman did not comment on the case until the case was closed.

On the other hand, acrobatics in the area reserved for rhinos guaranteed the writer the fame of “stupid”. Check it out below!

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