Theft “from the inside” of an Egyptian bank treasury..Security arrested the accused

Theft "from the inside" of an Egyptian bank treasury..Security arrested the accused

An exciting burglary at an Egyptian bank branch, which was carefully planned and executed by three defendants, including two working inside the bank, before the Egyptian police announced their arrests on Thursday.

According to the interior ministry’s account on “Facebook”, security services took over the investigation after the director of an “agricultural bank” branch in a village in Sharqiya province, north of Cairo, reported the theft of a sum of money. from bank treasury.

The security research team concluded that three people, one of whom works as an administrative security staff at the bank, and the other assigned to guard it, took advantage of their knowledge of the situation at the place. committed a crime.

After the three were arrested, he confessed to having committed the incident, while the details were exciting, as the security personnel was planning the theft, taking advantage of the nature of his work, and then firing an electric missile with two of his associates. (drilling). tools), a screwdriver, and an iron lever.

After the bank’s work was over and all the employees left, the other two defendants appeared, where they opened a side door, and then cooperated in unscrewing the screw to lock the safe room, and entered the safe room. Before collaborating to break yourself by using the tool mentioned.

The trio then managed to enter the branch manager’s room, where they stole DVR equipment for recording surveillance cameras, before disposing of it in a waterway.

After the arrest of the accused, he directed that some part of the stolen amount, the total value of which was not disclosed, and the tools used in the crime, while he spent the remaining amount “on his personal needs”, were to be kept in the account. According to the Egyptian Ministry of the Interior.

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