There will be limitations to WhatsApp on multiple connected devices; see what they are

There will be limitations to WhatsApp on multiple connected devices;  see what they are

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WhatsApp has been testing one of the most awaited features by users since May this year. it’s about Support account usage on multiple devices, a feature that was later confirmed by Facebook Group CEO Mark Zuckerberg. According to him, the functionality will allow up to four connected devices among other innovations.

As with all appearances, support for multiple devices should be coming soon for all users design changeshandjob light backup I new way of log in no android.

However, the novelty should be exclusive to WhatsApp in the web version and through the desktop client or Facebook portal. In other words, it won’t be possible to connect more than one smartphone, be it an iPhone or Android, at least for now.

This assumption is supported by the print posted by the site WABetaInfo, which shows the option to connect your WhatsApp account to more than one device without having to be online through your cell phone.

Option to support multiple devices on WhatsApp beta channel. Image: WABetaInfo

A big but about novelty is that it will be possible to send messages only from WhatsApp Web, Desktop and Portal on devices that have the latest version of the application. In addition, the video call will work through all connected devices.

As of now we know that the number of supported devices will be four. A disconnect method would be to free up space and add another preferred device.

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Original text (03/06/2021)

This sounds like a dream for WhatsApp users Use the same account on multiple devices close to being true. In an interview with the website WABetaInfoFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Messenger chief Will Cathcart have confirmed several news for the future.

Zuckerberg has made sure that support for four devices will come soon, as well as a new “view at once” function. This will allow people to submit content that disappears after viewing. Going forward, there will be a “disappear mode”, which will disappear along with messages from all the conversations you want.

The Facebook co-founder and CEO also confirmed that multi-device compatibility will not interfere with security and will retain the end-to-end encryption offered by WhatsApp.

“It will still be end-to-end encrypted. Getting all your messages and content correctly synced between devices has been a huge technical challenge even when your phone’s battery is drained, but we fixed it.” and we look forward to launching it soon!

Mark Zuckerberg

CEO Facebook does

Cathcart, on the other hand, declined to confirm an alleged iPad version of Messenger under development, but indicated that the existence of support for multiple devices would bring the possibility of using the app inside an Apple tablet.

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The executive also failed to give an exact date for when the new features would become available, but guaranteed that the multi-device feature would go into public beta in the next month or two months from now.

So do you expect these news to reach WhatsApp soon? Tell us your opinion in the space below.

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