These 3 Steps Will Attract Your Crush! See how science can help

These 3 Steps Will Attract Your Crush!  See how science can help

It’s not always easy to deal with Our romantic feelings. There are people who are very friendly and always love someone, so they go to their crush and talk about their attention without any hassle or shame.

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Unfortunately, not everyone has developed this social gift of lack of shame. And those who are “closed” know that it’s often difficult to say something to someone on the street, let alone start a conversation with someone you already like! It sounds crazy.

Although they have already tried, it is more than clear that there is nothing even in the mysterious realm that can help us. And yes, I am talking about bindings, spells and the famous Manding.

But don’t despair! When magic doesn’t help, science does. And we’re not talking about any kind of love potion, because that too fails or… even goes catastrophically wrong. Anyone who watches – not childish animation – will have seen something like this in a Ricky & Morty episode of Love Potion.

We are talking about something more explicit and less imaginary, something that involves social and psychological treatment. It turns out that psychotherapist and author Gary Newman, via the Business Insider portal, claims to have devised a few ways to get people closer to the people they’re attracted to.

It’s worth remembering again that it’s nothing magical or mechanical, so it’s not about techniques. infallibleIn fact, there are just mechanisms to make you a good person, because that’s how you’re more likely to be able to form a stronger bond with someone.

let’s walk the steps

1 – Smile is a way of showing affection

Let’s be clear that you can’t overdo it, because everything too much is definitely too much. Just smiling non-stop will make you look like a horror movie killer. We are more in the way of a study conducted at Drake University when it comes to smiling, as it shows that a smile not only makes someone more attractive, but also more relatable.

A smiling person often makes others See Feel more comfortable being around and believing in more positivity. This can make you approach each other more naturally.

2 – touch creates intimacy

Let’s reinforce that there’s no need for excesses, okay? People who are too touchy and “easy” are seen as uncomfortable. What you really want will have the opposite effect.

In this case, the study says that subtle touch occurs when intimacy Being built accelerates this process.

Don’t be afraid of hugs, more sensitive greetings or touches that may, at first, seem like just a friend. Trust me… in the long run, you’ll be sending the message that it’s okay to be affectionate to you just because you like it.

3 – Paying attention to the things the other person likes

is very important That you are yourself and that you show your personal tastes, especially over time, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore the desires and preferences of others.

people are different from each other, so they will be in love by different forms of culture. It is very important that you pay attention, listen, ask, understand and care about your partner’s passion.

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