Three answers and three questions about Real Madrid’s victory over Levante

Three answers and three questions about Real Madrid's victory over Levante

Real Madrid went to Levante – well, this way – and they scored their first multiple goal of the season with an early strike from Vince and a late victory over Karim Benzema to give them a 2-0 victory. Here are the six speech points of the game, in the form of three questions that were answered and three questions that need to be answered.

Three answers

1. Who will take the right-back seat and how will they do it?

Comunicado Oficial. Comunicado Oficial. Similarly, Real Madrid announced this week that both of their right-handers have been injured and will be out for at least the next few weeks. Levante’s trip, with no charitable caravans or Alvaro Odriozola and Josie Luis Morales on the other side, was a concern for the right-back. While Ferland was a substitute for Mandy and Lucas Vazquez, Zidane eventually chose Nacho. The 30-year-old was nothing special and lost Nikola Vukaviwi in a corner, Levante Min breaking the woodwork. But, overall, Nacho did a good job of keeping the Morales at bay.

2. Will Cortois finally have a quiet afternoon?

No, once again, Cortois was a busy man. He faced four more shots on target and saved them all, especially by making an impressive stop from Anis Bardhi. It already saves Cortois for 13 seasons. Only Valencia’s Jaume Domnech (22) and Eber’s Marco Dimitrov (14) have more. Being in the top three of the league is not a good idea for a save made for a Real Madrid goalkeeper and Zidane knows it. In a post-match press conference, he said: “Courtois saved us, as all goalkeepers want to do for their team. We have to keep going and we will try to make sure our goalkeeper is a little less hurt. ”

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3. How strange would it be to watch this game in La Serema?

Going into this match, there was a lot of talk about the last time Real Madrid faced Levante. It was a 1-0 defeat in February in which Eden Hazard revived his ankle. It was logical that the idea would return to that game, but Real Madrid would not experience any kind of ghost of Estadio Suarez de Valencia. No, nothing like that. Instead, they were heading to Villarreal’s Estadio de la Cermeca, as Levante’s stadium is currently working on, as is the Bernabeu. Levante will return home soon and he is not expected to play for Villarreal again as a home team, but it was strange to have a yellow stand as the background to the game.

Three questions

1. Will we see the Fernandez family feud next time?

Noting that Oriozola may still be unavailable for Real Madrid’s next game, there could be a Nacho vs. Alex Fernandez match on the cards, against Cadiz after the break. The two brothers came together at the Real Madrid Academy and Alex – the younger brother by the year – actually made his debut for Real Madrid’s first team before Nacho. However, Nacho remained at Las Blancos for a long time, while the attacking midfielder went to Espanyol, Elche and now to the prisoners. They first met in 2014, when Alex was at Espanyol. It ended 1-0 with Real Madrid that day. Let’s see what happens this time and if they both play.

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2. Will Vincius and Ansu Fatty continue to inspire each other?

I know Keane Sobhani was joking a lot when he wrote ‘The Last Dance’ about Vincius and Ansu Fatty during today’s game, but there is something in it.

We’re seeing these two young superstars more than themselves this weekend and it may actually be motivated for them to try to match each other. We’ve seen a lot of competition over the years, in football and other sports, where the best in the game pushes itself to a higher level because they have a talented opponent who breathes under their shoulders. Maybe we’re going to see it in the next decade with Vincius and Ansu Fati. Could this be the next great personal feud in football?

3. Can Luka Modri ​​ਰੱਖ Continue?

Wow, just wow. Luka Modric has started this new season with fire. The man, now 35, continues to shine in the middle of the park and is also engaged in defensive work. We know that it took him a long time to emerge from the World Cup in Croatia, but Modrius is now looking good for most of 2020. His contract is at the end of the season. Can he continue this good form for a few more months, enough to grow himself?

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