Tips for online gaming security and safety

Online games are all the rage these days. However, like any online activity, be it emailing, shopping, freelancing, or online gambling, as a growing industry, it comes with risks and dangers concerned with data security. Since they are connected to the internet, these online games contain sensitive information that could be of interest to hackers. How to play online safely? How to protect yourself from cybercriminals while playing online games? Here is an article that gives you some tips and tricks to protect your online gaming and personal data.

1. Opt for a secure connection:

One of the first ways to protect yourself from malicious people when playing online is to use a secure internet connection. To protect their data online, internet users are generally recommended to use a private network. Indeed, connecting to the high school library’s WiFi network offers a little more security than that of the mall or the train station, but still offers way less security than your WiFi network.

The personal WiFi has a WPA key without which you will not be able to connect to the internet to play. The WPA has an integrated firewall to protect the user against phishing, hacking, or other malicious threats against piracy. In addition, with a personal network, the user enjoys a good speed that protects them from bugs or lag problems during games. WiFi is what you need especially when you need a good bandwidth to play an online game.

2. Use a VPN to protect yourself:

Internet security is paramount when you want to play online and one of the tools capable of providing such a function is the VPN. It is an excellent tool that guarantees your online security today. This tool blurs the tracks about your location and also secures all the data that passes through your local network.

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Indeed, thanks to the VPN, all your data is encrypted and inaccessible to any external person. There are many VPN services on the market. We recommend using paid VPNs rather than free ones that don’t offer enough security or servers. A paid VPN is often a super-fast VPN and you need a good connection to play online.

3. Use firewalls to connect:

Firewalls are software designed to protect the data of a computer connected to the Internet. This software is a gateway that works as a filter against all types of external intrusion. They constitute a real barrier from which all external data must pass once connected to the internet. The good news is that all computer brands offer built-in firewalls. It is therefore up to the user to activate it to take advantage of it.

4. Only download games from legal platforms:

Today, there are hundreds of online game download platforms that, by their simplicity and being free, attract many players. This is because most of its free download games often contain malware and ransomware, placed on purpose to steal personal information or just to take control over the user’s device. Once the download is done, the user unknowingly gets a virus which can damage their device and the cost becomes more important than the selling price of the game.

5. Use strong passwords:

Among the best protection solutions on the internet, especially when playing online, is the use of strong and unique passwords. The password must be unique for each account created.

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The password created must be strong, i.e. alphanumeric. Passwords containing your surname, first name, date of birth, or any other personal information known to several people should be avoided.

Indeed, a password that is not strong gives hackers a better chance of hacking you. Avoid using the same password for all your accounts. In addition, we recommend that you periodically change your passwords or the numbers that compose them to increase the level of security.

6. Use two-factor authentication:

Double checking is increasingly used these days in terms of account protection. What is the two-factor authentication method? This method is a way to access your account after using two different predefined information keys.

Indeed, after entering your password, a message or verification code is automatically sent to your phone number or email address. It should be noted that many online gaming services and platforms already offer this level of security.

It is a great means of protection that warns you especially when someone tries to log into your account from another location or another device. The double verification method then makes it possible to protect personal data against information theft.

7. Do not share personal information during online games:

Online gaming services and platforms never ask for personal information from a player. All that is asked during the first connection is the player’s nickname. It is not recommended to use your real surname or first name as a nickname when opening an account on a gaming platform.

Indeed, using your surname, first name, date of birth or personal information is an open door to third parties. In addition, you should never give your true identity to other players, especially if you do not know them. In addition, before getting in touch with that unknown person, you can use Nuwber to check their identity and other basic details such as contact number, email ID, social links, and much more.

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However, there are paid online platforms such as video game sales services, and online casinos that ask for bank details when purchasing games or other features. Faced with such a practice, you must pay attention to the origin of the site, whether it is a secure site or not. To do this, you must ensure that this site holds security certificates, that it accepts several means of payment, and that it has approval in your country of residence.

Cybersecurity for video game consoles and online games is not a game issue. Like other electronic devices, they are at the same risk of a cyber-attack, since most of them now work connected to the internet, Therefore, they require the same level of security and precaution.

We are sure, the above tips for online gaming security and safety will be helpful to you!

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