To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Will Return to Netflix as a Series

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Will Return to Netflix as a Series

for all the boys I’ve Loved Before started a major revolution in the Netflix teen romantic comedy. And it’s not for less, one of the most-watched movies in the history of the film service. With this, the service will hardly let the franchise end completely.

Not only that the service which is announcing the expansion of multiple franchises has announced that for all the boys, will be a derived series. original output will be called zoe, kitty, and is expected to start in 2022.

Like the original film, Jenny Han will be one of the authors as the series is not officially based on a book. By his side are Sasha Rothschild, as well as fellow novelist Schobhan Vivian.

The episodes were ordered in the first season of the series and will be approximately 30 minutes long. Well, if you are interested in the derivative of for all the boys, zoe, kitty, here we already know.

Xo, Kitty. conspiracy of

As per the synopsis provided by Netflix, zoe, kitty, will closely follow Kitty Song Covey. After the events of the third film, we learn that Kitty already has her first love. It is worth remembering that it was she who started the whole saga of Lara Jean.

So Kitty, the teenage matchmaker, thinks she knows everything about love. However, a move to reunite with her long-distance boyfriend on the other side of the world leads the girl to realize that relationships are much more complicated when her heart is at stake.

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Until then, the derivative of for all the boys There is no release date. The recording will take place between March 7 and May 2022. Thus, the series is expected to appear in the catalog in 2022.

who is in the derivative of for all the boys

As the title of the series suggests, Anna Cathcart Kitty will reprise her role as the song cover. For the seminal role, the character was marked in the film trilogy. In the first feature, he receives letters from his older sister, a shy high school student.

Lara wrote faces for boys she had a crush on. Kitty secretly passes them on to the boys, triggering the events seen later.

Image: Disclosure / Netflix

Some characters have already been confirmed, although no cast has been revealed. May be seen in some faces To all the boys I’ve loved before return back.

  • Dae – A 17-year-old Korean who will act as Kit’s long-distance boyfriend. The young man is described as handsome and intelligent. She will be a series regular.
  • Mihee – A 17-year-old Korean woman who identifies as lesbian. Described as the queen bee and best girl of her previous boarding school.
  • Min Ho – Young Korean who has spent time in the UK, Australia and the US. Described as beautiful and overconfident.
  • Q – A person from Africa or the Middle East who identifies as gay. Said to be extroverted.
  • Alex Park – Korean-American male in the late 1920s. He will be a dorm and chemistry teacher and counselor at the Korean International College.
  • Professor Lee – Literature teacher in the 40s or 50s
  • Gina Han – Patriarch of the wealthy Han family.
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So what are you waiting for the derivative of? for all the boys ,

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