To protect users, Google will hide old apps from Play Store. Apps

To protect users, Google will hide old apps from Play Store.  Apps

hey Google Will limit the search and download of old apps on play store, The changes to store policies announced by the company on Wednesday (6) are aimed at preventing users from downloading older and possibly more unsafe software. To provide a secure online store experience, Google Starting November 1, apps submitted to the Play Store will be required to indicate an API level of at least two years prior to the final release Android,

Every developed application has an API level, an element that informs how the app runs in each version. Android, hey Android 12, for example, is API level 31; hey Android 11, level 30. In other words, the newer the software, the higher the level. Therefore, the new policy of Google which requires applications to target their APIs “within two years from the major version of” Android The latest” will force app developers to update apps more frequently, using the latest privacy and security features.

Google will restrict Play Store searches and limit downloads of available apps that don’t support newer versions of Android – Photo: Rodrigo Fernandes/Techtudo

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It is worth noting that the new policy will be applicable only if the smartphone runs a version of Android New to the API level of the application. In this way, users of older versions of Android Will be able to install applications developed for the respective operating system version. In addition, it will be possible to find and reinstall any old app that has already been downloaded by the user from the Play Store.

The image shows the API-level split over the two-year window for app updates – Photo: Handout/Google

hey Google Have already fulfilled the same requirements for uploading applications. Currently, for an app to be published on the Play Store, software needs to target API levels up to one year after the last major version of the app was released. Android, Therefore, the new requirement is only to strengthen the safeguards.

according to this GoogleMost of the Play Store apps already follow the new standards. Despite this, the company recommends that developers refer to the Application Migration Technical Guide and Help Center articles on the subject. The company also said that it is possible to request an extension of six months if the application is not updated by November 1.

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