Today is Persistence comes on Mars; Olhar digital broadcast live

Today is  Persistence comes on Mars;  Olhar digital broadcast live

Explorer robot Built, built and operated by NASA, it will complete a journey of more than six months and over 200 million km, with it landing on Mars at the Jazero Crater on Thursday (18).

Digital look will transmit the landing of perseverance Live, Start at 16h15 This Thursday, with commentary in Portuguese. We will show from the team’s final preparations to the “Seven Minutes of Terror” Landing. Do not miss this moment which will be a part of human history.


The main purpose of the robot is to determine if Mars is capable of disturbing life in the past. We know that it had liquid water on its surface, and that the Jezero Crater was an old river delta.

Other sites, such as Gayle Crater, were visited by the Curiosity robot Ancient lakes Where the composition of water, given salinity, Ph and oxygen levels, was similar to the Earth’s ancient oceans.

In addition, the mission will test equipment and techniques that may be useful in future manned missions. Among them is Moxi, a device that will produce oxygen from carbon dioxide in the Martian atmosphere. In addition to maintaining life, gas can also be used as water and even as rocket fuel.

Perseverance and curiosity will not be the only robots that will discover the Martian surface. In May of this year, the Chinese are expected to land the rover without a name which is not yet a part of it Tianwen-1, His first mission to the planet.

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If the Chinese succeed in landing, we will have three rovers and an investigation (Insight, which landed in 2018) on the Martian surface. In practice, for the first time in our history, we will be in contact with a “inhabited” planet, albeit entirely created by robots designed to satisfy incomparable human curiosity.

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