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The Tokyo Olympics is attracting the attention of the Brazilian public. Many people are getting up early to follow the games held in Japan. If you are part of this group, you have everything you need to enjoy Champion Life, a feature film starring swimmer Katrin Savard and available on the virtual cinema platform.

Katrin Savard is a Canadian swimmer, best known for her mastery of the sport of butterfly. The athlete is an Olympic medalist, having achieved a bronze medal at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games.

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Although the film Life of a Champion features the rider as a swimmer, the film is not a documentary. The athlete plays Nadia, a fictional character.

See below for everything you need to know about Champion Life.

Champion Life – With an Olympic Athlete

While Brazil does everything it takes to win a medal at the Tokyo Olympics, you might see a vastly different performance from an athlete in a fiction film.

The Life of Champion – released in 2020 with the original title of “Nadia, Butterfly” (Nadia, Butterfly), a drama directed by Pascal Plante.

Long Life of Champion was part of the official selection at the 2020 Cannes Festival, and was featured at the 44th So Paulo International Film Festival. The film was released under the name Nadia, Butterfly at the event.

But after all, what is the plot of Champion Life talking about? It should come as no surprise that the film is set in the world of sports.

The film follows the story of Nadia, a character played by Caterine Savard. Like the actress, Nadia is a swimmer who also competes in the Olympics.

At the conclusion of the 2020 Olympics, the protagonist struggles to redefine the meaning of his life and find new inspiration after retiring from the sport.

The main theme of the feature film is the difficulty faced by top athletes to maintain normal lives – especially after retiring or leaving the sport.

Also a part of the film is the pressure faced by athletes both physically and emotionally.

Swimmer Katrin Savard, in addition to playing the role of protagonist Nadia, was selected to participate in the Olympic Games in Tokyo, defending the Canadian swimming team.

Now 28, Savard has competed in three Olympic events in Tokyo. The first was in the medley relay mixed 4×100 held on 29 July. In the team event, the swimmer’s team was behind Great Britain, the United States and Holland.

In the women’s 4×200 freestyle relay event, Savard finished fifth, losing to two teams from China, the United States and Australia.

In the end, Katrin Savard finished eighth in the women’s 100m butterfly swim. The gold, silver and bronze medals went to YF Zhang (from China), S. Sjöström (from Sweden) and M. MacNeil (from Canada), respectively.

The champion life cast, in addition to Olympic athlete Katrin Savard, also includes Pierre-Yves Cardinal (Tom Na Fazenda), Kellyanne McMurray and Olympic swimmers Hilary Caldwell and Ariane Menville.

Champion Life Cinema is available on the virtual streaming platform.

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