Tokyo Olympics ‘participants’ encourage vaccinations

Tokyo Olympics ‘participants’ encourage vaccinations

TOKYO (AP) – Olympic “participants” and fans arriving for next year’s postponed Tokyo Games will be encouraged to get vaccinated to protect the Japanese public, IOC President Thomas Bach said Monday.

Bach said it would not be mandatory, but he left no doubt that it would be pushed hard.

Bach campaigned across Tokyo on Monday, his first visit to Japan since the Olympics, was postponed about eight months ago amid a coronavirus epidemic. He received assistance at all stops; Also present were Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and Yoshiro Murray, chairman of the local governing body.

“For the protection of the Japanese people and for the respect of the Japanese people, the IOC will work hard to get as many (people) – Olympic participants and tourists as possible to bring (A) vaccines here, if a vaccine is available by then.” Bagh said after talking to Suga.

“We want to reassure as many foreign partners as possible to accept a vaccine,” Bash later added after meeting with Mori. “It gives us all the confidence that next year we can be spectators at the Olympic Stadium and that the spectators will enjoy a safe environment.”

Bach praised the new advances in rapid testing as an incentive to keep the game. He said vaccination would not be a priority for “nurses and doctors and those who keep our society alive” participating in the Olympics. And he has repeatedly said that next year’s Olympics will be “light at the end of this dark tunnel.”

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Bach suggested that the IOC cover at least some of the costs of vaccination. But he said he did not yet know how much it would cost a year late. Reports from Japan estimate that it will be between 2 2 billion and 3 3 billion.

“It will take time,” he said. “It is now impossible to create a sound image.”

The most frequently asked questions at a news conference with Bach went to Mori about the ਓ 10 million payment received by the Tokyo Bidding Committee – to the Juro Kano Memorial International Sports Institute. The hole is the head of the body.

Sitting next to Bach, Murray said he now knows about the finances of the body.

“It’s not something I monitor directly,” he replied.

French authorities are investigating a bribery scandal linked to Tokyo’s winning bid. Sunekaju Tekeda, president of the Japanese Olympic Committee, was forced to resign last year. He accepted a Singapore-based consulting firm after signing a million 2 million payment. The adviser is believed to have raised money to influence the IOC vote.

Tekeda denied any wrongdoing.

Monday was the first day of a two-day blockade for Bach in Tokyo; The purpose of the photo opportunities and meetings with politicians and administrators is to explain to a skeptical Japanese people that it is safe to host the Olympics during an epidemic.

The Olympics are set to begin on July 23, 2021, and Bach said he expects a “reasonable number” of spectators at the venues. Deciding how much and where is still down the road.

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Pfizer Inc. announced a possible vaccine last week. Which could be of great help to the IOC and local administrators in the Olympic Games stage. There has also been progress in rapid testing.

This is happening all over the world in the coming winter golisfire cases. Buck flew to Tokyo on a chartered flight. He started his trip to South Korea last month due to a virus spreading in Europe.

Some athletes and fans from abroad may oppose any suggestion to get vaccinated, which Bach previously pointed out that the Olympics could be important for “unity”.

Japan has recently hosted baseball games in some stadiums with a capacity of 30,000 fans. It also held an exhibition gymnastics meeting with 22 athletes from abroad, attended by thousands of fans.

Japan has been largely rescued during the epidemic, and COIDID-19 has claimed about 1,900 lives. It has recently sealed its borders, and almost 100% of people wear masks.

Many polls show that the Japanese people are confused about sports, like the economy they are facing.

“We are determined to experience the Tokyo Games next summer as proof that humanity has defeated the virus,” Suga said.

The Olympics and Paralympics include 15,400 Olympic and Paralympic athletes, and thousands of coaches, officials, judges, VIPs, sponsors, media and broadcasters enter Japan.

The IOC derives 73% of its revenue from television, which is a key factor in its campaign to run the Olympic Games. The American network NBC pays more than 1 1 billion for each Olympics.

Expenses are also an issue for the Japanese people. The bill was mentioned in a government audit report last year Preparations for the Olympics could reach 25 billion. All but ਸਿਰਫ 5.6 billion is public money.

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