Tony Bridinger: Who is the first Arab woman to compete in an American stock car – 02/14/2021

Tony Bridinger: Who is the first Arab woman to compete in an American stock car - 02/14/2021

Toni Breidinger, the United States Auto Racing Association, is the first woman of Arab descent to drive a car in a racing season with Nascar.

The 21-year-old made her debut at the share car competition in Daytona, Florida yesterday. He is part of the racing team Of youth Motorsports and drove a Chevrolet.

“I’m honored and very excited to be the first, but I don’t want to be the last,” Tony told CNN in the United States. “I hope to pave the way for more Arab pilots to come here.”

The woman, who was born in California but is a Lebanese daughter, said it was the biggest race of her career. According to CNN, she said she had dreamed of becoming a driver since she was at the age of 9, sitting on the wheel of a cart for the first time.

She is a 19-time champion United States Auto The club, A record for any female driver.

Tony Bridinger is the 19-time champion of the United States Auto Club, a record for any female driver

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Three other women, Brahna Daniels, Brenna O’Leary and Dalanda Ondino also made history in NASCAR in yesterday’s race, the first black and foreign women in their respective positions behind the race. The trio was formed for NASCAR’s diversity program, Drive for Diversity, an initiative of the organization to build inclusive teams with more women and black people.

“We are working to strengthen diversity throughout the sport and the diverse composition of our drivers represents an important part of that mission,” said Brandon Thompson, vice president of diversity and joining CNN at Nexon. “We want women and black women to be represented because it is these points of connection that will help Neskar grow.”

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