Top five things you should know

Top five things you should know

Beach volleyball makes its seventh appearance as a medal at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 In the summer of 2021. A temporary arena arena at Shiokez Park will host 48 athletes from the sport, including Strategy and teamwork Are the key to winning.

Here is all you need to know about beach volleyball in Tokyo 2020.

Olympic athlete Louise Boden explains that all you need to know about beach volleyball …

Best Olympic Beach Volleyball Player in Tokyo 2020

The final teams to compete in Tokyo 2020 will only be confirmed at the end of June 2021 through the FIVB Olympic Beach Volleyball rankings and various Continental Cups. So far, only eight teams, four in each competition, have gained entry.

Brazil Powers of beach volleyball 13 medals Altogether. He has been on stage in every edition of the Olympic Games. Will they repeat this success in Tokyo?

Alison Cerutti I Bruno Schmidt Won gold medal at home in Rio 2016 Olympics. The pair split in 2018. Since then, Cerutti has played together वारlvaro son And with Schmidt Evandro Oliveira. The teams are ranked third and fourth in the world respectively, so we can see them competing against each other.

Bruno Schmidt and Alison Certi won gold medals for Brazil …

Two other Brazilian couples on the women’s side will note this:

Agatha Bednarchuk I Eduarda ‘Duda’ Santos They occupy the third position in the world. Bedarnsuk wins silver in Rio Barbara sixx, And now he plays with younger star Santos for 15 years.

Tokyo Duda will have its first Senior Olympics after winning gold at the 2014 Youth Olympics. He told the Olympic channel in an interview:

“I always want to push my limits.”

Ana Patricia Ramos, Who was Duda’s partner in Nanjing, will have a chance to qualify for Tokyo alongside Rebecca Cavalcanti, as she sits fourth in the rankings.

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At the 2019 World Championships in Hamburg, Canada’s women’s team Sarah Holiness and Melissa Hamana-Paredes He claimed gold and its direct tickets for Tokyo 2020.

Elsewhere, three-time Olympic champion and veteran of beach volleyball Kerry Walsh Jennings America is now partnering with Brooke Sweat. “Initially playing with Carey, I wasn’t sure what to expect and I tried a lot to accomplish it,” Sweat told the Olympic Channel. However, they are not yet eligible for Tokyo.

Brooke Sweat, Rio 2016 Olympic athlete, states a few words of beach volleyball.

American partner April ross I Alexandra Kleinman He is a 2019 World Silver medalist and one of the favorites to contest for a medal in Tokyo. If he qualifies, Ross will compete in his second games (he won bronze with Walsh-Jennings in Rio) and Kleinman, who went to beach volleyball for the first time in 2017.

Rio 2016 Olympic Champions Laura Ludwig and Kiara Wockhorst Germany won the first Olympic gold for her country in the women’s tournament that year and in 2017, became the world champion. It was the last great title together.

They split up, and Ludwig made a rough estimate before recruiting services in 2018 Margaretta Kozuch In an attempt to defend his title. Meanwhile, Walkenhorst does not have enough qualification points with his new partner to compete for qualification.

Back with men Anders Mol and Christian Soram It is Norway’s first chance to win a beach volleyball medal at the Olympics. The world’s number one couple has put their country on the map and is a favorite for making history in Tokyo.

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Anders Mol and Christian Soram are telling us how they…

from Italy Daniel Lupo and Paolo Niccolo He lost the final of Rio 2016, winning the first medal for his country. He secured his place in the next Olympics, where he would try to repeat the 2016 feat.

Another male companion to watch are Russian athletes. Oleg Stoyanovsky e Vyacheslav Kasilnikov, Who booked their ticket to Tokyo as world champions.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic beach volleyball calendar

The beach volleyball competition will begin the day after the opening ceremony, 24 July, 2021, And will end in 7 August The day before the closing ceremony.

* All-time standard time in Japan (UTC +9 hours)

Saturday, July 24, 2021 – Saturday, July 31, 2021

  • Foregoing men and women

Sunday, August 1, 2021 – Monday, August 2, 2021

  • Men’s and women’s 16 rounds

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

5 August 2021 Thursday

  • Male or Female – Semifinals

Friday, August 6, 2021 10: 00-12: 50

  • Women’s Bronze Medal Match
  • Women’s Gold Medal Match
  • Women’s Victory Ceremony

Saturday, August 7, 10 am to 12:50 pm

  • Men’s Bronze Medal Game
  • Men’s Gold Medal Match
  • Men’s Victory Ceremony

Olympic beach volleyball venue in Tokyo 2020

One Temporary location Located no Parke Shyokase The beach will be used exclusively for volleyball. Very close to the park Tokyo Bay And with incredible views of the iconic Rainbow Bridge.

In July 2019, a test event took place with the world’s best beach volleyball players, with their first look at Shiokez Park Stadium, and they set a major target for the Olympic Games to be held.

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Tokyo 2020 Olympic beach volleyball competition format

Olympic Format Features 24 times In six free-for-all groups, 16 pairs advance to the single knockout stage.

Players play in a 16 m x 8 m sand court In beach volleyball, with the best of each game Three games (In indoor volleyball, matches can last up to five sets).

The first team in two sets wins the match. The first two sets are played until a team arrives 21 digits; If there is a tie and a third set is required, one is played 15 digits.

Like many other games, a team must have at least a double-digit advantage to win the set.

Both players must be in the team Serve in turn After each change of service, earn a point.

When the sum of the scores of the two teams reaches a multiplier of seven (five in the final set), the teams switch places to neutralize the effects of any weather such as rain, sun or wind, which is positive on the game or Can have negative effects. .

History of olympic beach volleyball

I was Barcelona 1992 When beach volleyball first appeared in the Olympics, but it was more like a performance sport. It officially began four years later Atlanta 1996.

Us Karach Kirile e Cant Stephas On the men’s side Sandra Pierce and Jackie Silva Women became Olympic champions for the first time in Brazilian history.

Since then, United States and Brazil He dominated the tournament: a total of 10 medals for Americans (including six gold) and 13 for Brazil (three gold). Both nations have been on stage in all versions of the Games. Will they repeat medal success in Japan?

Volleyball among women, after winning the first gold medal in Brazil…

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