Tour guide killed by lions while trying to keep an eye on South African cheetahs. world

Tour guide killed by lions while trying to keep an eye on South African cheetahs.  world

Malibongwe was killed by Mpila Leopard

Last Saturday (06), a safari guide, known as a tracker as he was looking for cheetahs for tourists Brutally killed after being eaten alive
By two lions. Malibongwe Mahila was 27 years old and alone at the time. The information was investigated by an additional.

Mephila was looking for animals in 22,000 hectares of Markelle National Park, Limpopo Province South Africa
. He followed the cheetah track when at a certain time he decided that he would continue the search on foot. And according to the “Daily Mirror”, about 20 meters later, there were two young lions who Camouflage i don’t kill
, Jump on the guide.

Two animals died after guide's death

Two animals died after guide’s death

other Tracker
Through the hectare, the animals working by car saw the animals attacking the Mephila and called. emergency services
However, nothing can be done to save humans. The lions were then captured and sacrificed. According to the park administration, carcass vehicles are being developed so that the cause can be ascertained.

Tourists who usually stay in luxury hotels prefer to hire trackers for risky work, which is just for the spot. Cheetahs
So that tourists can go directly to the point where the world’s fastest animals meet.

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