Train derailed and dead in Taiwan’s tourist area. world

Train derailed and dead in Taiwan's tourist area.  world

Railway police said at least 41 people were killed on Friday after a passenger train derailed in eastern Taiwan.

Police registered 36 dead passengers. More than 60 people were taken to the medical center, 40 of whom were injured.

Passengers are rescued from a derailed train in Taiwan – Photo: / ap via photo

The accident occurred at 9:30 am (local) on a section of the tunnel near the coastal city of Hulien. The eight-car train was going from Taipei to the southeast city of Taitung, carrying about 350 passengers, the rescue center said.

The accident coincides with the commencement of the annual Grave Sweep Festival, a long festival filling the country’s roads and railways.

Aerial image of a derailed train in Taiwan – Photo: via Emergency Operations Center / AFP photo

The eastern railway line of Taiwan is often a tourist attraction, as it runs along its eastern coast, which is considered beautiful. Through several tunnels and bridges, it passes through mountains and canyons before descending through the Huadong Valley.

Rescuers help passengers on a derailed train in Taiwan – Photo: National Fire Department / AP via photo

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