Trajano: I want to see a Brazilian team with only players from here – 25/08/2021

Trajano: I want to see a Brazilian team with only players from here - 25/08/2021

Coach Tait was quoted as saying in his call for the Brazil national team’s games in the next three matches for the South American qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar after the Premier League came forward to ban the release of players playing for the English club. Might have to review up. A measure followed by La Liga in Spain, which would see 11 Brazilian players cheat, such as goalkeepers Alisson and Ederson, defensive midfielders Casemiro and Fabinho, strikers Gabriel Jesus, Richardson and Firmino, among others.

your participation in the program UOL News SportJose Trajano says clubs are right to confront FIFA not to release their players to travel to South America at a time when the region is in a red belt for the British in relation to the pandemic. He would also like to see a team made up of players working only in Brazil.

“I think the clubs are right to face FIFA, whoever has to deal with it, even a quarantine problem, Brazil is on the red list of the United Kingdom, so if the players Comes here, he’s going to have to quarantine and but by the way I don’t know if I have to quarantine again. I mean, it’s a very serious problem for clubs that pay so well that these players. To make money, the tit has to do it,” Trazano says.

“It will deeply affect the Brazilian teams, because this is an exercise, we have enough people here to make a team that does not do poorly in the qualifiers, because these qualifiers are also papaya and sugar. If Brazil will be smaller, Argentina will stay even less”, she completes.

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Trajano also claims that the measure could affect Brazilian clubs and believes that in some situations there is no major technical disadvantage to the Brazilian team, as in the case of goals, with Palmeiras goalkeeper Weverton. Experiencing a great phase.

“It can also affect Brazilian clubs, because if they don’t play, the players competing in the qualifiers will be players playing in Brazilian football, I would like to see a Brazilian team with players from here,” says Trajano. .

“Goalkeeper is a problem? It’s not a problem, take Palmeiras goalkeeper, put it and everything is solved. Neither Alisson nor Ederson will be remembered, despite being great goalkeepers, but Palmeiras goalkeeper of a man.” Hell. Has been called as goalkeeper and is third, became first. At other positions, yes, there could be a problem”, he added.

Alicia Klein agrees with Trajano in terms of a selection that could be formed by players playing in Brazil and also highlights the fact that the game between Brazil and Argentina has a test with spectator attendance, in which There are 12,000 people in Neo. Quimica Arena in So Paulo.

“Again it’s worth saying ‘congratulations to those involved’, because Brazil is still in the Red Belt, we are in August, practically September 2021 and we are still in this position. lol it’s bad club, it’s bad for national team and it’s bad for players, who are no longer able to represent Brazil team because of public health problem, not because of their performance problem, says Alicia.

“We are talking about potentially not having half the players who will be called because of the pandemic issue and we are talking about having spectators in stadiums, so it looks like we are going to continue to live in that parallel reality. Where football inside doesn’t apply what happens outside the stadium, they’re talking about doing a test. How do you test with Public Health? What if it goes wrong? But I think Tait still has a lot of excellent players at his disposal,” he concluded.

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