Transatlantic flight delayed after pigeon ‘disappears’ on board and plane

Transatlantic flight delayed after pigeon 'disappears' on board and plane

Without permission, an unusual passenger boarded a United Airlines plane that was to fly from Newark International Airport in New Jersey to Athens, Greece. This is a pigeon, which did a lot of work for the crew and delayed take-off by about an hour. A flight attendant recorded everything on his TikTok profile.

“You wonder why your flight from Newark to Greece was delayed by an hour,” wrote commissioner Arina Bloom at the beginning of the video, which has already garnered 2.2 million views and 619,000 likes on TikTok alone . According to data from the Radar Box website, Flight 124 was supposed to take off at 6:05 pm, but did not take off till 7:04 pm.

Arena published the video just a day after last Sunday’s (8) episode. First, the pigeon is in the part of the plane that is the kitchen and calmly walks on the ground until the United team catches its eye.

Not knowing where the bird was, the plane took off and apparently the bird had actually disappeared. At the end of the recording, the flight attendant says that they did not find the pigeon after the plane landed.

In the comments, he offered three hypotheses for the whereabouts of the “stowaway passenger”: the pigeon left the plane while in Newark; He flew to Greece; And that he may still be on the plane somewhere.

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