Treating the real crocodile as a plastic copy, a tourist coming to take a selfie was attacked in the theme park.

Nehemias chipada after being attacked by a crocodile in a Philippine park

a tourist is over Bulk At a theme park after settling in Cagayan de Oro (Philippines). Having a real alligator believing that it is a plastic copy that only serves as a full-sized ornament,

68 year old Nehemias Chipada was attacked by 3 meter long predator after entering an enclosure a selfie With “Sculpture”. His family saw that moment crocodile dragged the tourist to the pool, told the “Daily Mail”. The incident happened on November 10.

nehemiah was celebrating your birthday with family members.

Screaming for help, the Filipino managed to get rid of the crocodile on his own, until paramedics arrived, assisted on the spot by an emergency team. A sheet was wrapped around the injured arm to stop the bleeding.

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The attack was so aggressive that The reptile had a 7 cm tooth embedded in the meat of the tourist,

Nehemias chipada after being attacked by a crocodile in a Philippine park. Photo: Reproduction

Tourist’s left hand was seriously injured in Amaya View Park some fractures, He also sustained injuries on his right arm and right thigh. Nehemiah went through multiple surgeries After being taken to a hospital in Mindanao. Tourist’s family criticized the direction of the park Don’t be warned that there was a real crocodile in the place,

Park management agreed to pay the medical costs, but denied negligence.

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