Tropical Storm Elsa hit the coast of Jamaica with heavy rain and headed for Cuba. world

Tropical Storm Elsa hit the coast of Jamaica with heavy rain and headed for Cuba.  world

a Tropical Storm Elsa Beat Jamaica With heavy rain this Sunday (4), a part of the Caribbean island was flooded. weather on the south and east coasts of Cuba It has also started showing signs of the approaching cyclone. Havana residents also abandoned their homes to avoid possible damage.

This Saturday (3), the United States National Hurricane Center (CNH) reported that Elsa carried strong winds with maximum winds of 95 km.

According to a report from CNH, about 80km north of the nation’s capital, Kingston, at around 11:00 this Sunday (12:00 GMT), the Elsa nucleus was near Jamaica. The forecast is that the route will continue until it reaches Cuba, including Havana.

Residents of Havana, the Cuban capital, moved to avoid Hurricane Elsa’s route – Photo: Alexandre Meneghini / Reuters

“something strong [da tempestade] It is possible tonight and tonight, as Elsa approaches the south-central coast of Cuba,” CNH said. “However, a gradual weakening is expected on Monday when the cyclone passes through Cuba.”

Elsa is expected to cross central and western Cuba on Monday (5) and then head toward Florida in the United States. On Tuesday (6) and Wednesday (7), the cyclone is expected to pass near or over parts of the west coast of the US state.

Cubans pick up furniture as they leave homes in Havana this Sunday, July 4 – Photo: Alexandre Meneghini/Reuters

demolition before the storm

A partially collapsed building at Surfside in the Miami area of ​​the United States, is in the process of preparation for demolition this sunday, a measure to avoid even greater risk when Cyclone Elsa hits Florida.

So far 24 people have died in this disaster. Rescue teams suspended the search for 120 other people missing in the rubble.

Rescuers work in the rubble of a collapsed building in the Miami area, Photo June 29, 2021 – Photo: Courtesy MDFR / Reuters

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