Trump government forced Apple to hand over data to Democrats

Trump government forced Apple to hand over data to Democrats

During the tenure of the former President Donald Trump, Justice Department Prosecutor America asked the Apple Personal data of two Democratic congressmen, as well as his employees and family members, according to The New York Times.

The politician was part of the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives.

Adam Schiff was the governing body’s top Democrat and a major opponent of Trump. He is currently the chairman of the committee. Eric Swalwell confirmed to CNN that he was the second affected. “I was informed by Apple that they have confiscated my records.”

A few days ago “NYT” also revealed that Justice Department intercepts history of phone calls made by journalists to newspaper during Trump administration. Reporters for the Washington Post and CNN also found he was tracked for four months.

Following the disclosure of the case, the US Justice Department said it would not seek further information from reporters in its investigation of the leaks.

The facade of the headquarters of “The New York Times” newspaper in New York in this June 28, 2018 photo – Photo: Mary Altaffer / AP

The Justice Department obtained electronic records not only from congressmen, but also from their employees and relatives, including a minor. Prachanda reached 12 people.

The paper says investigators probably thought politicians used devices from people close to themselves or their children to hide contacts with journalists, but Leak found no Democrats Intelligence Committee link.

Without confirming that he was the target of the investigation, Schiff asked the Justice Department inspector general to review “this and other cases.” Democrats claimed Trump “tried to use the department as a ruse against his political opponents and members of the media”.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, Democrat of California, at the US Capitol on March 3, 2020 – Photo: J. Scott Applewhite / AP

House Speaker Democrat Nancy Pelosi also called for an investigation and called the case “horrible.” “These actions appear to be yet another heinous attack on our democracy by the former president.”

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