Trump News Live: Latest Presidential Election Updates Under Investigation for CDC Intervention

Trump News Live: Latest Presidential Election Updates Under Investigation for CDC Intervention
US President Donald Trump held an election rally in Nevada on Sunday

Donald Trump and his administration are being investigated by the Office of Public Accountability, a watchdog agency, for political interference in the CDC and the FDA during the political epidemic. The office will look into whether the administration has “violated the scientific integrity and communication policies of the agencies.”

This happened when the President and Dr. Tensions between Fossey escalated when Trump called his infectious disease specialist a “disaster” and a “fool” during a telephone conversation with his campaign staff on Monday. The two individuals often have differences over how the government should deal with the coronavirus epidemic.

In other news, Fox News turned down an unattended laptop due to Rudy Giulini scoop and reliability concerns about Hunter Biden, according to Mediator. The news organization has expressed concern about the story being sourced and independently verified, but the news hosts on Focus News still have length on their show.


‘You’re dumb ****** s’: Trump’s coverage of Kovid-19 on CNN. Admitted to and made a series of false claims

Donald Trump refreshed the crowd at the battlefield Arizona by declaring the CNN host a “dumb bed” for the amount of coronavirus coverage on the cable network.

He kicked off the first of his two campaign campaigns announced in the state on Monday, as he did earlier in a call with campaign staff. Spreads new spread across all states.

John T. Bennett There is more on this breaking news:

Daniel Zoelner19 October 2020 20:57


Breaking: Trump’s Campaign Rejects Debate Commission to Exclude Foreign Policy from Topic List

“As is a long-standing tradition, and as promised by the Commission on Presidential Debates, we expected that foreign policy would be the focus of the October 22 debate. We urge you to reconsider and return to the issues that have already been confirmed, “Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stein wrote in a letter Monday.

Griffin Connolly Report:

Daniel Zoelner19 October 2020 20:50


Trump arrived in Arizona in an attempt to conquer the battlefield kingdom

Donald Trump arrived in Arizona on Monday to halt two campaigns in a bid to turn the war-torn state in his favor ahead of Election Day.

There will be two rallies at the President’s Airport, one in the state, one at Prescott Regional Airport and the other at Tucson International Airport.

The campaign is stalling because Joe Biden has a slight edge over Trump in the election. Mr. Trump won the state in 2016, but is currently leading his challenge by three points.

Daniel Zoelner19 October 2020 19:58


Charlie Kirk: Trump supporter locks Twitter account for spreading false information about mail-in voting

Conservative activist Charlie Kirk’s Twitter account was shut down over the weekend for spreading false information about the mail-in-ballot.

On Sunday, Mr. Cricket, founder and executive director of the right-wing student activism organization Turning Point USA, told Fox News that he had lost access to his account.

He claimed to be in a “hostage situation” with the social media platform, and shared a notification from Twitter stating that one of his tweets violated the “against posting misleading posts about voting”. Has been violated.

Daniel Zoelner19 October 2020 19:54


If Trump loses, the lame duck session will be our punishment

Hannah Salinger For the latest with him Independent:

Daniel Zoelner19 October 2020 19:43


Trump continued his attacks on Dr. Fossey on Twitter

In a series of tweets, the President claimed that Dr. Fossey has promoted “no mask” and “China” policies.

It is true that Dr. Fossey had initially said that people should not wear masks at the onset of the epidemic. This knowledge was due to the lack of knowledge experts had about the novel virus and to confirm that the required masks were available to the required staff. Once the experts learned more about the novel virus, the guidelines were later changed.

Dr. Fossey had earlier praised the president for partially canceling a US visit to China.

The tweets came after the President asked Dr. In a phone call with his campaign staff, Fawcett denounced the expert as “distressed” and “stupid.”

The pair have been at odds in recent weeks as Dr. Fawcett has called for stronger coronavirus policies across the United States to stem the spread of the novel virus.

Daniel Zoelner19 October 2020 19:40


Breaking: Investigation of Trump’s ‘Political Interference’ in CDC and FDA’s Coronavirus Work Launched

“Political interference” with Donald Trump’s CDC and FDA’s coronavirus work will be investigated by a government watchdog.

The Office of Public Accountability will investigate whether the White House’s alleged intervention during the epidemic “violated the scientific integrity and communications policies of the agencies.”

Daniel Zoelner19 October 2020 19:33


‘I have to be honest’: Fookie says Trump administration controls media coverage during coronavirus epidemic

A senior member of the US Coronavirus Response Team says the Trump administration is controlling its media coverage during the epidemic.

One of the country’s top infectious disease experts, Dr. Anthony Fawcett said he was barred from conducting several interviews with major news outlets.

“I’m definitely not allowed to go to a lot, a lot of shows,” Fookie added.

Daniel Zoelner19 October 2020 18:53


Trump loses ground to white voters but gains to non-white voters

Donald Trump has lost to white voters since 2016 Five Report.

White women have favored Mr. Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016. But now Biden has a six-point advantage over the president in the UCLA NationScape polls, a 15-point swing in favor of the Democratic challenge. 2016 election.

Mr. Trump has also lost ground to older, white voters. In 2016, he won over white voters aged 45 and over with more than 20 points but is now at the top of the category with just six points.

But the most important category for the president, which he has not lost, is the white male electorate. At the moment he keeps that category at around 20 points and expects it to remain stable.

Mr. Trump has gained some ground among non-white voters, according to polls. Although he is still leading Mr Biden among these voters, he fell 39 points in last month’s UCLA NationScape polls compared to a 53-point deficit in 2016.

Daniel Zoelner19 October 2020 18:52


BREAKING: DOJ charges Russian intelligence officials for high-profile cybertech

The Justice Department on Monday charged six Russian intelligence officials with trying to disrupt the French election, as well as several US businesses and the Winter Olympics.

Prosecutors have accused six hackers of using systems to disrupt power supplies in Europe and trying to knock out Internet connections during the 2018 Pyongyang Winter Olympics in South Korea.

He was also charged with attempted hacking against French President Emmanuel Macron during the 2017 election.

Daniel Zoelner19 October 2020 18:43

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