Trump News Live: Latest Twitter Updates As President Will Not Leave White House To Give Thanks

Trump News Live: Latest Twitter Updates As President Will Not Leave White House To Give Thanks

Donald Trump continues to provoke anger among opponents and Democrats who on Tuesday condemned his overnight decision to “eliminate” Chris Kurb, director of the Cybersecurity and Basic Security Agency, which has undermined the US presidential process on the democratic process. The attacks were disputed.

In a Twitter post that was flagged for misrepresentation, Mr. Trump directly linked a report published by Mr. Krebs to his decision, which said that there was no tampering with the election process. There is no evidence, as alleged by the President, more than two weeks after the election. Days.

Mr Krebs, who had previously suggested he would be fired for his agency’s investigation, wrote: “Whether or not democracy is being defended, no effort is being made. This is the way. ”

The president, meanwhile, was reportedly planning to “break up” at the White House for Thanksgiving, following the break-up of the Trump family’s Maro Maro Lago resort tradition. This is when health officials request caution for celebrations during an outbreak of coronavirus cases.


During Georgia’s re-election, the president tweeted “Trump’s vote.”

Donald Trump tweeted two words – “Trump’s vote” – on reports of countless 2,500 ballots cast during the Georgia vote, with nearly two-thirds voting in favor of the president.

Officials say the development – which was caused by an administrative error – will not materially affect the election results in the state, which Biden still expects to receive about 13,000 votes once the audit is completed. Will be lying.

Mr. Trump has made baseless claims that state voting machines illegally transferred “thousands” of ballots to Biden, for which there is no evidence.

Mayank Aggarwal reports:

Gino Spocchia18 November 2020 13:28


CNN anchor regrets Trump-Nazi comparison

CNN International anchor Christian Amanpour says he compared Donald Trump’s presidency to that of CrystalNachet, which is widely regarded as the beginning of the Holocaust, a Nazi attack on Jews.

Matt Mathur reports:

Gino Spocchia18 November 2020 11:45


Biden’s team says Trump refused to cooperate late in response to Covid-19

While Donald Trump and his administration have denied full access to federal agencies and assistance to Joey Biden’s replacement team, members of the Democrat’s Coronavirus Advisory Board More warnings have been issued.

“We don’t just need support to make sure we have a good vaccine delivery plan – we really need it,” said Vivek Murthy, co-chair of the advisory board. Politico. “This collaboration will affect how effective we are in closing the screening gap, ensuring that hospitals and doctors and nurses have adequate protective equipment such as masks and gloves and ensuring that we have the vaccination drive going forward. There are plenty of syringes and fountains. “

Mr Murphy’s comments echo Biden’s warning that “more people could die” if the Trump administration did not cooperate with Covid-19, which killed more than 1.1 million Americans and about 250,000.

This is the latest example of the Biden team’s frustration with Mr. Trump’s failure to accept the election and the implications that come with it.

Gino SpocchiaNovember 18, 2020 11:36


Nearly half of Republicans believe Trump’s election was “won correctly.”

Pre-election efforts to hand over the results of Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential race have paved the way for Republicans who have told voters that they “won the November 3 vote” correctly.

According to a new Reuters / Ipsos opinion poll released Wednesday, nearly half of Republican respondents agree with the president’s baseless claims of “stolen” and “fraudulent” elections.

Overall, 73 percent of those polled agreed that Binon won the election, while 5 percent thought Trump would win. But when asked specifically if Democrats “won the right way,” Republicans showed skepticism about how Biden won.

Republican per. One per cent said they were concerned that the election was “rigged”, with only 16 per cent Democrats and one-third independents worried.

Gino Spocchia18 November 2020 11:19


‘Bunker mentality’ before Trump thanks

Trump’s family was expected to travel to Florida next week, but Melania Trump’s spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said on Twitter on Tuesday night that the first family would be “celebrating Thanksgiving at the White House this year.”

Mr. Trump, who has so far refused to accept the election, has made only one trip outside the executive temple since election day, and has not held a public event for at least 11 days.

Gino Spocchia18 November 2020 11:03


Nancy Pelosi says Chris Krebs was fired for speaking the truth

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reacted to the dismissal of Donald Trump’s Chris Krebs, who was in charge of the Department of Homeland Security’s cybersecurity agency until Tuesday night.

“Director Krebs is a highly respected cybersecurity expert who has worked diligently to protect our election, to support state and local election officials, and to remove dangerous misinformation,” the speaker said.

“Yet, instead of rewarding this patriotic service, the president has fired Director Krebs for speaking the truth about power and for rejecting Trump’s relentless campaign of election propaganda.”

He also called Trump’s refusal to accept Joe Biden’s election and baseless allegations of electoral fraud “dangerous and shameful.”

Mr Krebs was in the president’s firing range when his agency found no evidence to support his false claims of rigging the election.

Gino Spocchia18 November 2020 12:06


Biden’s new West Wing team ‘anti-Trump’

President-elect Biden is forming a West Wing team that could be described as anti-Trump Of independent John T. Bennett.

The nine elections announced on Tuesday marked the exact opposite of the senior roles of then-senior figures in the formation of their White House team and cabinet four years ago in an attempt to disrupt Washington’s politics.

Gino SpocchiaNovember 18, 2020 10:36


Mark Hamill says cybersecurity chief fired for “refusing to lie”

American actor and Trump critic Mark Hamill has fired an official for “refusing to lie” about the president’s shooting of Chris Krebs on Tuesday.

Mr Crabbe retweeted the actor’s post on Tuesday night, “Defending democracy, do it or not, there’s no effort.” This is the way ”.

Mr. Krebs said last week that the Nov. 3 vote is the safest in U.S. history, working to protect misinformation about voting systems and the war. Mr. Trump, however, refuses to acknowledge those findings, or his election defeat.

Following his firing from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Mr. Krebs changed his Twitter bio to read: “He was the first director of CISA. Now I’m going to reintroduce myself to my family, set fire to the BGE, visit the University of Virginia Sports, and ride a bicycle. ”

Gino Spocchia18 November 2020 10.33


Republicans praise Chris Crab, refrain from criticizing Trump

Many Republican lawmakers have avoided direct criticism of the president, with Donald Trump commenting on the firing of the country’s top cybersecurity director, Chris Krebs.

Nebraska Sen. Ben Sass, a frequent critic of Trump, said: “Chris Krebs did a good job, because state election officials across the country will tell you, and he shouldn’t be fired.”

Wisconsin Representative Mike Gallagher, meanwhile, was told that “Chris Krabz did his job and it did a great job.”

“The country is safe and our elections are safer than foreign interference because it is led by the CISA.”

And more help for Mr. Krebs.

Gino SpocchiaNovember 18, 2020 10:11


The deputy director of cybersecurity is rumored to have resigned

Matthew Travis, deputy director of the Department of Homeland Security’s cybersecurity and basic security, was also reported to have stepped down after the agency’s director, Chris Krebs, was fired by the president on Tuesday.

Accordingly The Wall Street JournalThe Trump administration has told Travis he will not be selected to lead a top role in the agency, which last week denied allegations of presidential election fraud in a report.

Gino Spocchia18 November 2020 09:57

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