Trump signs new newspaper to drive out companies and workers affected by the epidemic

Trump signs new newspaper to drive out companies and workers affected by the epidemic

US President Donald Trump has approved a new package approved by Congress to drive out companies and workers affected by the epidemic.

After gaining a foothold for nearly a week, President Donald Trump released and ratified the second-largest economic stimulus package in the $ 900 billion-plus epidemic valued at $ 4.7 trillion. The package was approved by Congress after months of negotiations.

Each worker with an annual salary of up to $ 75,000 will earn a one-time share of $ 600 from the government. Dependent as well. Millions of unemployed receiving unemployment benefits will receive an additional $ 300 a week in aid by mid-March.

The evictions of tenants who are unable to pay rent will be restricted until the end of January. The package will also contain billions of dollars in the areas of transportation and education, which are most affected by the epidemic. The largest portion, approximately $ 300 billion, will be disbursed as loans to small and medium-sized businesses. The package also includes resources for the purchase and distribution of vaccines against Kovid.

Donald Trump was slow to approve the stimulus because he wants Americans to receive $ 2,000 in emergency aid, more than three times what was in the package. On Monday night (28), the Chamber, controlled by the opposition, approved this new amount. To be effective, the change still needs to be passed to the Senate.

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