Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, gave an anti-mask interview. Coughed his way through | US News

The day after the coronavirus test – a very contagious one Ventilated The virus, which has already killed more than a million people worldwide, has the US president out of his hospital bed.

Twelve of his inner circle are already testing positive for the virus, and despite more likely to come, Trump was rocking fans on Sunday. He returned to the White House from the hospital last night, mask-free, again, Claiming that he may already be Immune, Despite his chief doctor’s warning that he is not out of the woods yet.

Enter Rudi Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, who gave an interview to Martha McCallum on Fox News. Decided to spend Monday night coughing, announcing that science is actually unnecessary on Covid, as well as science on wearing a mask.

Aaron Roop

Rudy Giuliani Fox is on News, promoting nihilism about medical science

October 5, 2020

No wonder Giuliani is anti-mask. He, after all, spent the last week at home with the president, wearing a mask, as he helped Trump prepare for the presidential debate. But you would think that Giulini could soften his stance on the mask, given that Christie has tested positive for the virus since she and Chris Christie were locked in a room with the President, and He and the president were both hospitalized.

Giuliani, at the very least, has paid attention and taken a test – he confirmed on McCallum’s performance that he is awaiting the results of the second coronavirus test. But the fact that he was interviewed just two hours after the exam. Giulini was not deterred from stating that he had not yet compromised on Covid-19 and refused to be advised to be a Fox viewer.

“Just playing the devil’s lawyer, [Biden] They may say, ‘I didn’t get Kovid and the president did, and he’s not a big fan of wearing a mask,’ “McCallum said before Giuliani’s intersection.

“And I don’t have either, and I don’t wear a mask as much as I probably should … what they say is scientific nonsense,” Giuliani said.

Moments later, Gianni Liani started coughing and hacking again, prompting McCallum to quit with good wishes.

Dr. Dina Grayson

ਓ MG. Every member of Trump’s debate preparation team is known to be infected # Coronavirus, Except for Rudy Giuliani …

… which clearly needs to be investigated # Coronavirus.😷#Whitehaus virus # Trump virus #GOPSuperSreaders

October 6, 2020

“Thank you very much for your time, Mayor Giilani, and we look forward to seeing you again. And I hope there’s nothing wrong with a cough while you’re waiting for your test to come back, “she said.” We hope you’ll be healthier and healthier. ”

“I hope so,” said Giuliani. “I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

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