Trump’s refusal to accept the US election has thrown the presidential transfer into disarray

Trump’s refusal to accept the US election has thrown the presidential transfer into disarray
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Updated: November 14, 2020 at 5:05 p.m.

President Donald Trump listens during a program on coronavirus at the White House’s Rose Garden (AP Photo / Evan Wuchi).

It was no secret Donald Trump will try to throw in some curves If he does not win a second term as President of the United States. And this is exactly what has been happening since November 3. Due to Trump’s refusal to accept the election results, the processes that normally began during the presidential transition period have effectively stalled.

Leading the process is Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, giving a State Department briefing. “There will be a smooth transition in Trump’s second administration,” he said. Pompeo’s remarks have been criticized by diplomats and the Democratic Party, with many observers believing that Pompeo was trying to advance and reinforce the idea of ​​a second term for Trump.

After Pompeo’s remarks, viewers’ concerns are not unfounded. Under normal circumstances, his team was expected to join the Biden-Harris team to ensure a smooth transition. However CBS News Due to a lack of support from the US State Department, President-elect Biden was greeted by congratulatory phone calls from world leaders. Normally, the president-elect begins to receive intelligence along with the president of the meeting. In this case, it is not happening.

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“Not only are they gaining access to classified information or pre-determined funds, they are not hiring their review teams in agencies, and are getting real rights. Budget A picture of the agency and the actual staff, “CNN reported by Dennis McDonough, who was president. Barack ObamaSays the chief of staff.

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Vice President-elect Kamala Harris was joined on stage by Joe Biden. [AP]

Newspaper reports suggest that this could jeopardize national security and could result in a situation where the Biden-Harris administration will have to arrest him when he enters the White House in January 2021 for lost time.

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This time of change is important because it must allow the incoming team to gain an understanding of the workings of the government, both domestically and internationally. Experts believe An outbreak of coronavirus is at stake this time Because one of the first tasks for the Biden-Harris team will be handling at home Coronavirus Outbreak. The United States has one of the highest rates of infection and related deaths worldwide.

According to CNN, the Biden-Harris transition team has concerns that current Pentagon officials, especially those loyal to Trump, cannot cooperate on national defense issues. This past week, Secretary of Defense Mark Asper was fired by Trump on Monday. According to a CNN report, Biden’s team sought access to former Pentagon officials who tried to gather information they needed to work under former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis.

President Donald Trump flees after speaking at the White House (File AP Photo / Evan Woochi)

Although Trump’s team has taken legal action to fight the election results, the futility of the exercise is now diminishing on them. on Friday, Biden conquered the state of Georgia, The first Democratic candidate to do so since 1992. This bolstered Biden’s victory, giving him a total of 306 votes in the electorate from Trump’s 232.

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Although Trump still refuses to accept, undercurrents indicate that the Trump administration and many in the campaign understand that Trump is fighting a losing battle. Many Republicans have raised the issue of Trump’s refusal to accept and accept Biden’s election victory since November 3. Associated Press It was reported this week that John McNetty, the office’s director of presidential staff, has asked executive branch departments to dismiss political appointees who are trying to find new jobs. When the new president takes office, employees from the previous administration begin looking for new jobs.

It’s not just inside the White House. CNN The Trump campaign, which has sparked a series of legal disputes, is trying to stop staff from leaving work, the report said. Many legal experts have said that Trump has no legal interest in the battles he has fought in court. Some White House aides have indicated to CNN that they personally accept Trump’s defeat. News reports suggest that Trump’s inner circle and his family, such as Melania Trump and Jared Kushner, have also urged him to admit his losses. But Trump is determined, at least for now, until he loses all of his legal options.

In a briefing on Friday, Trump refused to impose a lockdown to curb the growing number of coronaviruses in the country, and for the first time, addressed the possibility. Eventually leaving the White House. “Whatever happens in the future, who knows what the administration will be like. I guess time will tell, “Trump said without naming Biden. Reports suggest that Trump was looking down on himself during the speech, perhaps because of growing pressure from Republicans to accept Biden.

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The knowledge that he will have to leave the White House because his heavy losses could make it difficult for the person who made his mark on reality television to ‘swallow you’; Now an American citizen gave him a judgment with irony, which he seems unable to accept himself.

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