Trump’s speech was widely ridiculed with Twitter memes using charts to “prove” the election

Trump's speech was widely ridiculed with Twitter memes using charts to "prove" the election

President Donald Trump took to Facebook on Wednesday to present a 46-minute satirical diary on how he believes the election was “rigged” and further falsifies allegations of fraud.

And when the president was called the “most important speech” of his four years in the White House, met with widespread skepticism and ridicule, eagle-eyed Internet users felt that a moment when Mr. Trump was a white man The board was laid out – clearly with the chart. Irregular voting – provided them with an opportunity.

Shortly after the video ended, Twitter users began sharing memes mocking her for the claims she made while addressing her and for her love of using placards, which were easily manipulated.

Others have looked at Trump in general, commenting on his defeat and refusing to accept it.

One person shared a meme saying “49 days”, an indication of how long Mr. Trump has been in the White House until January 20, 2021, when Biden will be inaugurated.

The other memes showed President Trump holding a sign that read “Biden Wins”, “I believe”, “I lost”, “I lost.”

“I’m robbing my supporters right now. Shhhh, LOL.”

The President had suggested in his address that if the US Supreme Court was “right for our country” then it could be called “revival”.

Attorney General Bill Barr said the remarks came a day after the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were “provoking” fraud allegations that could have potentially covered “a few thousand” votes, but not the outcome. There were not enough to change. Selection.

The other memes were in the wake of alleged criminal activity that Trump and his family could face after stepping down as president.

These include criminal liability around his taxes, and money laundering, which Mr. Trump’s former personal lawyer said Mr. Trump had extramarital affairs with him before assuming the presidency. Mr. Trump has denied the allegations.

It is the policy of the Justice Department that no incumbent president can be convicted.

Although it is possible for the President to break the law before or during his term, the inability of prosecutors to effectively charge means that he cannot be convicted, not punished while in office. Can go or be punished. It ends when he leaves the White House.

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