Twitter adds new functionality to receive and send money

Twitter adds new functionality to receive and send money
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Hey Twitter Promoted its new “tip” feature. The goal is to send and receive money to anyone who has an account on the social network.

First, they tested the new functionality on a group of people from all over the world, but only in the English language on iOS or Android.

The next user will have access to the new role:

  • Non government organization;
  • specialist;
  • Journalist;
  • Content creators.

This feature will soon be expanded to other profiles and different languages.

Other social networks such as Youtube provide a similar function to send money to content creators during live streams. It is also possible to subscribe to the channel on YouTube for a monthly fee.

Also, like sites Patrian Have already become popular. This allows people to use special content for a fee. There are a variety of profiles on the platform: bands, artists, and even digital influencers.

How does Twitter’s “tip” function work?

Whoever has the option available on the social network will have a symbol next to the “follow” button. Twitter.

Those who use this icon will see a list of platforms that brokerage payments and cash receipts.

The service platforms for these transactions are currently:

  • band camp;
  • Cache app;
  • Pateron;
  • PayPal;
  • Venmo.

Platforms can vary by country. After selecting the payment platform, it will be possible to enter the amount and finalize the transaction. Twitter will not charge a fee to intermediate the service.

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