Two pit bulls run through a hole in the fence and kill an elderly woman with dementia

An 85-year-old woman was attacked by two dogs of the breed Pit bull, This Friday (2/4), in the neighborhood of Birmingham, in England. The animals allegedly ran through a hole in the fence of the residence where they lived, attacked the neighbor’s ground and killed the victim, who died on the spot.

According to the Daily Mail, Lucille Downer was suffering from dementia and, during the attack, was stabbed multiple times in the throat area. Neighbors heard the old man cry, but were unable to help.

After rescue teams and police arrived, tranquilizers were installed for the animals. By that time, Lucille was already dead.


The publication also states that a 43-year-old man, suspected of owning animals, was arrested and taken for questioning. Investigations so far reveal that the animals ran away after they managed to make a hole in the conservation grid that had recently been replaced by the owner.

Neighbors hearing the report said that the situation was surprising, as the behavior of the dogs has always been peaceful.

In a note, West Midlands Police expressed remorse over what had happened, sent the elderly woman’s feelings “to family and friends” and said the victim’s body would undergo an autopsy in order to determine the cause of death. Could be confirmed.

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