Two simultaneous accidents on the engine of a Boeing aircraft put the aeronautical giant in check again. Economy

Two simultaneous accidents on the engine of a Boeing aircraft put the aeronautical giant in check again.  Economy

a Boeing Shocks never stop. Shaken by the effects of the epidemic, Aeronautical giant Following two fatal cases recorded in recent years, chain accidents that question the safety of its aircraft and tarnish its corporate reputation. The most recent were last Saturday: parts of the fuselage of a commercial flight crashed Denver (USA) And loss of a freighter’s turbine blade Maastricht (Holland)After the individual engine fails. While none of the incidents resulted in serious injuries, the manufacturer announced the stabilization of 128 of the 777 models with Pratt & Whitney (PW) engines – damaged in Denver -, while Dutch authorities are investigating what happened to the 747. 400 freighter (jumbo), who spread small pieces of metal in the cities of PW, Mirsen and Maastricht even after one of their engine fires. Two people were slightly injured.

Incidents of unknown cause are another setback for a company, which is like a whole sector Operation collapse due to epidemic And serious reputation crisis after two serious accidents in 2018 and 2019, Indonesia and on Ethiopia, Respectively.

Late on both sides of Atlantic Boeing, until Saturday’s crash, Authorization to resume flights on its 737 MAX, Which had been on the ground for nearly two years as a result of fatal episodes with 346 dead.

Boeing shares fell nearly 4% at the start of the trading session wall Street This Monday, later stabilized. Raytheon Technologies Corporation, which owns the Pratt & Whitney engine, fell about 2% in the early stages of trading on the exchange.

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128 aircraft Boeing 777The aircraft, which flew from Colorado, P&W 4000-112, were stable on the ground, with engine models involved in the crash, a company spokesman confirmed on Monday, on the eve after the “recommendation” to adopt the flights. North American airline United Airlines, the hero of the accident; The stabilization of these types of aircraft was announced by the two largest Japanese companies, ANA and JAL, and South Korea’s Asiana Airlines between Sunday and Monday. Virtually all airlines operate with this model. According to the United States Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), only airlines from the United States, Japan, and South Korea use the 777P&W 4000.

Ministry of Transport Japan It indicated on Monday that it had already ordered a stringent inspection since 777, after making the route from Tokyo to Naha on the island of Okinawa, in December to face problems with “an engine from the same family” . The Type PW4000 is only used on the B777s, although most of the equipment in this series are equipped with GE aviation engines.

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The uk The crash model in Denver also announced a temporary ban on entry into its airspace, while the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) requested more information about these engines, but ruled out the possibility that the two incidents were related . For its part, PW, which falls under Raytheon – one of the most important subcontracts in the United States’ defense sector – announced that it was coordinating with air regulatory agencies that were reviewing inspection protocols is. According to the FAA’s first estimate, the failure of the Denver aircraft appears to be caused by “hollow engine blades that are exclusive to this engine model used only for Boeing 777s,” an announcement by Steve Dickson, FAA administrator said in .

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Dickson explained that, after consulting his team of experts, he ordered them to issue “an emergency airworthiness directive that would require immediate or thorough inspection of some Boeing 777 aircraft equipped with Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines”. .

Both damaged aircraft were forced to make emergency landings immediately after takeoff. Left Maastricht for New York with a shipment of pharmaceutical products, doing so in Liege (Belgium). One in Denver, with 241 people, returned to the same airport, but left the suburban town of Broomfield full of dangerous garbage, with a piece of torso on the door of a house.

Out of 128 scheduled aircraft, 69 are operational and 59 are in deposit. 737 MAX during nearly two years of stabilization of crashed models in Indonesia and Ethiopia, The company lost about $ 20 billion (R $ 109 billion, including compensation to victims), in addition to 1,000 orders and about 19% staff reduction in 2020 alone.

The crisis spread to the FAA, accused in the past of giving preferential treatment to Boeing and whose procedures were reformed in November by a committee of the United States Senate. Doubts about investigations into the certification of devices have shaken the traditional leadership of the regulatory body, whose guidelines have been taken without question by other countries for decades, reevaluating the role of the world’s regulators.

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