Two years later, a woman arrested in America for raids surrounded by lions is wanted by the police in the same crime.

Visitors come face-to-face with a lion at the Bronx Zoo in NY

Police in New York, United States, are searching for Maya Autry after she invades a lion reserve at the Bronx Zoo. This is not the first time the woman has committed a crime. In 2019, That’s why he was arrested and was accused of encroaching upon private property.

In pictures posted on social media, Maya is seen standing in front of a lion dressed in a red dress and leopard print shawl. She also used to keep bouquets of roses and also used to talk to the animal and throw money in his direction.

In a statement, the zoo criticized the visitor’s attitude and said it would take all necessary measures to punish him.

“This situation involves an individual who is determined to harm our lions regardless of their safety, the safety of our staff and visitors, and the well-being of the lions. The Bronx Zoo has a zero-tolerance policy on such issues. is and will seek all appropriate measures against this person and any person found to be in breach of the Park’s safety rules”, the note said.

Visitor comes face to face with a lion at the Bronx Zoo in NY Photo: Breeding / Instagram

Maya has taken advantage of this controversy to gain fame on social media. Shortly after visiting the zoo this week, she posted pictures next to a police officer on her Instagram account. The woman also showed pictures and videos of the moment she approached the lion and even “missed” the animal in the caption. According to officials, she used to live in Brooklyn, but her whereabouts are now unknown.

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