UEFA on the verge of distributing Euro’2028 to the United Kingdom and Ireland

UEFA on the verge of distributing Euro'2028 to the United Kingdom and Ireland

RGiven the lack of competition in the process, the United Kingdom and Ireland would be on the verge of winning the race to hold the 2028 European Championship, according to a British newspaper reported this Saturday. daily mail,

The publication writes that Turkey was also interested in hosting the competition, but should withdraw soon, to avoid another defeat, similar to what happened in the 2016 and 2024 tournament disputes.

Russia would also be preparing a proposal to host this European Championship, but due to sporting restrictions it was subject to invasion by military forces in Ukraine, making it a ‘pariah’ in terms of sport as well.

The same publication states that, although applications are open until September 2023, European football’s governing body may decide to close the process early and declare the United Kingdom and Ireland the winners.

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