UFC 253 Live Updates: Adesnia vs Costa Stream Fight and Result | 09/26/2020


The next match will be between Brazilian Caitlin Vieira and American Cesara Ubanks.

“Mean” doctor Dadudu won the night’s first victory by foot decision.

The first major battle is over. The winner will be decided by the judge.

Tukhugov wants to beat Davodu, but the Canadians will not allow it.

The second round ends. For the first time in the war, Tukhugov defeated Davodu.

Davodu has combined several kicks with Tukhugov.

The first round is over. There are some hits between the two fighters but impressive, especially by Dadudu.

The last minute of the first round.

Davodu has started the fight very well.

The battle between Dadudu and Tukhugov begins.

Now the main fights will start from Fight Island. The first will be between Hakim Dadudu and Jubera Tukhugov.

Brad Riddle won unanimously.

The battle is over and the winner will be known by the verdict.

The second round ends. Riddle has added a total of 75 hits while Dr Silva has added 50 hits.

Everything begins to prepare for the first star battle physician’s aw du and Zubera Tukhugov.

Now comes the final battle between Brad Riddle and Alex da Silva.

Jake Mathews won the Diego Sanchez by unanimous decision.

The next match will be between Diego Sanchez and Jake Mathews.

After being kicked in the head, Ludovit Klein defeated Shane Young by a KO in the first round.

William Knight unanimously defeated Alexa Kaimur.

Juan Espino won briefly in the first round.

In combination of factors, the difference in physical characteristics of Adesnia is greater: height, wing and foot size are in favor of the Nigerian. However, Paolo Costa is a pressure fighter who fights at close range. The amount of sunburn in Brazil is much higher, while the opposite is more surgical.

The fight between Adesnia vs Costa Live Men is the second in the entire history of the UFC organization between the winning fighters. Nigeria has won 19 out of 19 battles and “Borachinha” has also won 13 out of 100 battles.

To start the second major liminary battle between Juan Espino and Jeff Higgins.

In addition to the middleweight championship, the semi-fullweight title will be accompanied by a fight between Dominic Reyes and John Balachoviz.

Adesnia weighed in at 184 pounds, while Costa weighed in at 18 pounds. At the end of the weights, both fighters almost lost in the punches.

Paolo Costa, originally from Brazil, has a 13-0-0 record inside Ashtona. 92% of his wins were under KO and 8%.

Israel Adesnia, originally from Nigeria, has a record in 19 UFCs. He scored 78% of his victories in KO.

Welcome to the live broadcast of the Israel Adesnia vs Paolo Costa fight for the Middleweight Championship at UFC 253. The battle will take place at 9 pm on Fight Island in the Arabian Peninsula.

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