UK breaks new daily record for Covid-19 cases

UK breaks new daily record for Covid-19 cases

Amid a meteoric spread of the micron variant, the UK has recorded over 122,000 new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, a new record since the start of the pandemic.

One of the regions hardest-hit by the coronavirus in Europe, it also recorded 137 deaths in the same period – up to 147,857 – in addition to a total of 1,171 hospitalizations. Although this final number was not very different, it did indicate a tendency for disease acceleration there.

Each nation in the UK has its own expertise in health matters. For now, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland have announced tightening of restrictions that will take effect after Christmas.

In England, Boris Johnson’s government is opposed to implementing additional measures, relying on studies that show a lower risk of hospitalization with Micron compared to the delta version, which was in effect until very recently. .

However, experts fear that despite the low risk of serious cases, the number of cases is so high that it puts pressure on the hospital system.

Calling these studies “a ray of hope for Christmas”, the director of the British Health Protection Agency, Jenny Harris, argued that, in their decisions, officials take into account the impact of the pandemic on hospitals, but on society as a whole. as well. Especially for workers.

In London, a week ago, it was estimated that one in 20 people already had Covid-19. Thus, with the closure of companies and cancellation of transport, the coronavirus is again affecting many sectors of the economy.

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