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UK government restrictions Roman Abramovich causing direct damage Chelsea, a club owned by Russian billionaires. beyond that blues All their properties have been confiscated and mobile phone company lose sponsorship three, the British press said this Friday, 11 that all accounts of the club had been blocked by the British bank Barclays. Momentarily unable to sell, the British government says it can facilitate negotiations if an interested party appears.

A close friend of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, Abramovich decided to get rid of the club after the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, when he found himself under pressure from public opinion and the British Parliament. With the restrictions, talks were paralyzed until further notice. However, the British government said that if Chelsea found a buyer “the way would be open”. If the outlook is not positive, club activities may be at risk.

“As the license (obtained to continue operating as a football club) is conditional today, the sale will not be permitted. However, if a buyer appears, it is necessary for him and the club to go to the government. And that would be open to requesting a change in the terms so as to authorize the sale,” British Technology Minister Chris Phillips said on Thursday.

The “license”, mentioned by the minister, allows the club to continue to function and organize itself financially under specific circumstances, despite being controlled by the government. Today, Chelsea can pay their salaries according to the license granted by the authorities. But it cannot sell tickets, official products, nor negotiate transfers or contracts.

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However, the club may still try to change the condition of this license. A spokesman for Boris Johnson said: “The British government is in contact with Chelsea and the Premier League to resolve any issues created by the sanctions.” Furthermore, he also stated that it is only up to the club to request a new license as per their wishes and intentions.

Chris insisted that the government would work with Chelsea to find this new buyer. Before sanctions, names like Christopher Johnson, owner of football Abramovich was replaced by the “New York Jets” and Swiss medical billionaire Hansjörg Wies.

“The only guarantee the government wants to guarantee (with the sale of Chelsea) is that the financial gains do not fall into Abramovich’s hands”, the minister concluded.

Thomas Tuchel, the Chelsea manager also commented on the situation this Thursday. The German said he “relies on the government to find a solution to allow Chelsea to continue competing throughout the season and with the possibility of making its own decision during the mid-year transfer window”.

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