Unpublished photo released by NASA shows a “violent process” of energy in the center of the galaxy

An image released by NASA Shows the center of a galaxy filled with energy through a process described by a researcher as “violent”. The photo was created during decades of study to determine the flow of energy that Galaxy.

Image: NASA

Research published in the journal Monthly notice of Royal Astronomical Society Shows a panorama with photographs from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and the Miracat Radio Telescope in South Africa. “The Milky Way is like an ecosystem. We know that galaxies have centers where action occurs and play a big role in its evolution, ”explained astronomer Daniel Wang from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.


Events in the galaxy

According to Researchers, One of the highlights of the picture is an X-ray wire known as G0.17-0.41, which may be responsible for the energy flow in the galaxy and answer questions about the evolution of the universe . “This is evidence of an ongoing magnetic field recombination event,” Wang also said. “It’s a violent process,” he said. “Such recombination events are likely to be common when antiparallel magnetic fields collide and / or bend the flux tube,” the article describes.

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This type of phenomenon occurs in the galaxy when opposing magnetic fields need to come together and combine. The explosion of this junction produces a large wave of energy. The consequences of this incident are still being investigated. Researchers believe that the search is just the “tip of the iceberg” to understand these phenomena compared to solar flares in our galaxy.

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