Update for Ghost of Tsushima brings mission replay, lock-ons, new animations and more

Update for Ghost of Tsushima brings mission replay, lock-ons, new animations and more

with the release of director’s version And yes Iki Island For the ghost of tsushima, a new patch version 2.04 also brought some new features. Despite the upgrade to the new version, the PS4 base game also received improvements from this latest update.

The list of full patch notes hasn’t been released, but players are reporting changes and improvements. Below you can see the list of changes seen by the players:

  • It is possible to replicate all doubles and camps directly on the map.
  • Command mapping to control.
  • Option to lock the crosshair (lock-on) when using the directional pad up.
  • Use hooks on crossing ropes.
  • Long bow animation.
  • New killing animations.
  • New symbols for defense, stealth and ranged attack amulets.
  • Option to hide the quiver.
  • New animation with sword.
  • The Elegant Ghost Mask no longer resets the Armor look to the default.
  • New model of fox and new animal caress animation.
  • Button signs are no longer colored.
  • It is possible to find 2 dead monks on the road near Akashima, which is associated with the beginning of the expansion of Iki Island.
  • The Collections menu is now completely separated by category.
  • Arrow deflection animation has been improved.

More news and changes may come with the latest updates, but we’ll only know them with the official game list.

If you missed it, check out our analysis of Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Edition, as well as some easter egg day playstation.

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