‘Urine-soaked beds’: abuse against dementia patients in the UK

'Urine-soaked beds': abuse against dementia patients in the UK
  • Datsiyane Navanaygam and Emma Forde
  • bbc file 4

Picture Introduction,

Violet developed a rash from the care she received in a UK hospital

Heather Lawrence was shocked when she visited her mother, Violet, 90, at a hospital in Manchester, England.

Heather told the BBC: “The bed and incontinence diaper was soaked in urine. The door was wide open, and she was not wearing underwear. She was also in a mixed male and female room.”

“There were other people out there who could see him in that state. My mom wouldn’t want him to look that way.”

Violet, suffering from dementia, was taken to Tameside General Hospital in May 2021 after a collapse.

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