US accuses North Korea of ​​testing new intercontinental missile system World

Coreia do Norte lança projétil não identificado, diz Coreia do Sul |  Mundo

release made by North Korea Intended to test “elements of the new system” of intercontinental ballistic missiles on February 26 and March 4, a senior White House official on Thursday called the maneuvers a “serious escalation”.

“These releases certainly want to test elements of this new system before North Korea Proceed to a long-range launch, which he may try to disguise as a space launch,” the source said.

The Pyongyang government, for its part, assured that the launches made in late February and early March were tests for developing satellites.

In response, the United States will announce “containment” measures on Friday. North Korea The source, who requested anonymity, said “access to foreign products and technologies to develop its restricted weapons programs” and “further action will be taken in the coming days.”

“The United States decided to make this information public and share it with our allies and partners because we prioritize strategic risk reduction and because we strongly believe that the future of these weapons by the United States will be The international community must speak with one voice to oppose development. North Korea,

“We continue diplomatic talks with North Korea and stand ready to meet unconditionally,” the source said.

Washington and its allies this week at the United Nations Security Council failed to try to pass a text against North KoreaWhich was rejected by Russia and China.

North Korea It stepped up the modernization of its military and warned in January that it could lift a self-imposed moratorium on long-range missiles and nuclear weapons testing.

comes after Washington’s announcement Eun Suk-yol wins South Korea’s presidential electionwhich has already expressed its intention to show firmness on the face of its northern neighbour.

In addition, the new president of the Republic of Korea, whom Joe Biden called to congratulate on Thursday, promised to “teach some manners” to Kim Jong Un.

Video: North Korea says it has tested a missile capable of hitting US territory

North Korea says it has tested a missile capable of hitting US territory

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