US Allows Religious Performances by Sports Coaches in Public Schools


United States Supreme Court Authorized, this Monday, that the coaches of the students public schools will be able to perform religious expressions in dedicated places for practice sportyBefore or after the events, without penalty or dismissal.

The case that led to this decision relates to an American football coach who gathered his students in the center of the lawn at the end of a game for a prayer circle. He also sometimes campaigned before and after his team’s matches.

for seven years, Joseph Kennedy Coached a high school football team (High School) In bremerton, a city close to Seattle. He did not renew his contract with the school after he declined requests to stop preaching and praying. the argument used was first amendment to the constitution US law that prohibits state and public officials from encouraging, funding, or promoting religious practice.

However, in Monday’s trial, his lawyers saw another argument prevail, triggering another First Amendment clause that guarantees freedom of religion and expression. With a conservative majority in the Supreme Court, rulings are extended in favor of religious reasons.

In the final week, American Collegiate revoked abortion rights as a constitutional issue and left it in the hands of the states to exercise and issue possible punishments for it.

Joseph Kennedy won the vote of six conservative judges in favor of his cause. Three Progressive members were kicked out. “A government organization wanted to punish a person for a brief, sober and personal religious practice,” argued Judge Neil Gorsuch. “The Constitution neither mandates nor permits such discrimination.”

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In Brazil, religious practice in sports is widespread. Feather soccer, the main modalities in the country, mainly. Before matches, athletes gather for prayer. Some enter the field carrying amulets and offer prayers in person. In Muslim-majority countries, it is also common to see athletes kneeling on the field in their religious expressions./ With info from AFP,

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