US and Iran disagree on sanctions to resume nuclear deal; Americans see possible ‘deadlock’ world

US and Iran disagree on sanctions to resume nuclear deal;  Americans see possible 'deadlock'  world

US and Iranian authorities fell on this Friday (9) regarding which sanctions were approved America They should resume the 2015 nuclear deal. Washington predicted a deadlock if Tehran demanded that all sanctions from 2017 onwards be lifted.

Both countries established difficult positions Indirect conversation in Vienna How to bring both of them into full compliance, but some representatives cited progress.

The talks, in which EU officials are mediating between the remaining parties to the agreement and the United States, aim to restore the agreement’s central point – sanctions on Iran’s nuclear activities in exchange for withdrawal of US and international sanctions. .

The United States, under the leadership of the then President, was the first to abandon the pact Donald Trump, Who fiercely opposed the treaty and attempted to destroy it. He withdrew the country from the agreement, re-withdrawing sanctions and instituted more. Iran responded by violating several nuclear sanctions.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif said on Twitter, “All of Trump’s sanctions were anti-compromise and should be lifted without distinguishing between arbitrary designations.”

The United States says it is prepared to suspend “sanctions inconsistent with the agreement”. While he refused to go into detail, it appears to formally exclude unrelated restrictions to the nuclear issues covered in the treaty.

A US State Department spokesman told reporters that the US saw some signs of Iran’s seriousness about returning to the nuclear deal, but “certainly enough”.

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