US Basketball Teams to Train in Las Vegas for Tokyo Games

Meet the opponents of the men's and women's soccer teams at the Tokyo Olympics

a United States Basketball Confederation (USA Basketball) revealed on Thursday night that male and female selection MGM from the country will conduct their training for the Olympic Games in Tokyo-2020 in the city of Las Vegas at resorts. Other national teams, such as Argentina, must also be in the same training space as the Americans.

“USA Basketball is proud to expand its partnership with MGM Resorts,” he said. Jim Tolly, CEO of the unit. “We are excited to bring our selection to your properties as we prepare for the challenging competition coming this summer (in the Northern Hemisphere),” he said.

US men’s team led by coach Greg PopovichWork begins on July 6th, from the San Antonio Spurs. Women’s team will have to submit themselves on 12th of the same month as WNBA The last game before the Olympic break on the 11th.

For hygiene control, every person present in the resort will be tested daily during the preparation. Even the precautions taken in the environment itself led to more selections to choose this preparation destination.

“We were lucky and, at the same time, we deserved an organization like USA Basketball to be able to give us this invitation,” said Argentina coach Sergio Hernandez. “In such a complex context, nobody gets better than this.”

Teams must train seven to 10 days before traveling to Japan, as the competition for the second medal in basketball begins on July 25 and runs through August 9. The United States is the favorite in both suits and wants to maintain its basketball heritage.

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