US government donates BRL 750,000 to help families in Bahia

US government donates BRL 750,000 to help families in Bahia

The International Development Agency, an agency affiliated with the United States government, this Friday (the 7th) announced humanitarian assistance of 750 thousand rupees to help. Residents of Bahia who were rendered homeless by heavy rains and floods Which had reached the state late last year.

According to the agency, the donated resources will be managed by US partners in Brazil, such as Adra (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) and Caritas Brasileira.

“Adra Itambe will distribute aid items, including cleaning and hygiene kits, such as brooms, buckets, cleaning cloths, bleach, mops and detergents, to more than 800 families in Itambe, Itabuna, Ilhias, Unapolis, Itapetinga and other municipalities. Caritas Brasileira will help the homeless Distribute items such as bed linen, kitchen utensils and hygiene kits to families”, informed the International Development Agency.

The US government agency said disaster experts in the Bahia region and the US capital Washington are monitoring the situation in coordination with the US embassy in Brazil to determine other types of assistance.

Chargé d’Affaires said, “The US Embassy and Consulate teams in Brazil were shaken by the dire situation facing so many families in Bahia. The US remains committed to being able to meet some of the immediate needs of these families and Feels honored.” Douglas Koneff.

“The situation in Bahia is worrying, and Usaid” [Agência dos Estados Unidos para o Desenvolvimento Internacional] Glad to be able to help these families recover from this critical moment and rebuild their lives”, said Ted Gehr, director of the Agency for International Development in Brazil.

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aid from other countries

Foreign Ministry: Brazil has received offers of humanitarian aid from two countries since the first recorded rain damage, according to Japan and Argentina.

According to the ministry, the Japanese embassy and the Japan International Cooperation Agency offered support for Brazil’s emergency response, with the possibility of donating camping tents, folding mattresses, blankets, portable gallons, plastic tarpaulins and water purifiers.

The proposal, as it involves rapid availability and content of employment, was accepted by the Brazilian government. According to the executive, the details of the operation of the aid are being discussed with the Japanese government.

The Argentine embassy offered to send ten White Helmets agents for various aid tasks, including selection of donations, setting up tents and psychosocial support to the flood-affected population. According to Itamarti, the Brazilian government refused this aid, but responded with an “expression of appreciation and gratitude”.

“Based on a technical assessment of the situation on the ground, he pointed out that such actions are already being carried out by the efforts of the federal government. As expressed in the contacts made between the Argentine Embassy and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs The offer of both countries, Carlos Franca and Santiago Cafeiro, Argentina can be accepted, if the situation calls for additional assistance, with the characteristics of the offer, ”the ministry explained.

R7 The State Department was questioned about the aid announced by the US, but did not receive any response till the publication of this report.

More than 850 thousand affected

According to Bahia’s Sudek (Superintendent of Civil Defense and Protection), the floods affecting the state have already reached 850,325 people. According to the ministry, there are at least 26,534 homeless and 61,551 homeless – i.e. people who do not need direct help from the government for shelter. The Bahian government has already confirmed 26 deaths and 520 injuries. Currently two people are missing.

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The cities where the deaths were recorded are: Amaragosa (2), Itaberaba (2), Itamaraju (4), Jukuruku (3), Macarani (1), Prado (2), Ruy Barbosa (1), Itapatinga (1 ), Ilhias (3), Aurellino Leal (1), Itabuna (2), So Felix do Corribe (2), Ubaitaba (1) and Belo Campo (1).

According to Sudek, 175 municipalities have been affected by the damage caused by the rains. Of this, 164 are under emergency decree.

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