US has mandated the use of masks for vaccines in most environments. National newspaper

US has mandated the use of masks for vaccines in most environments. National newspaper

As vaccination progresses in the United States, health officials have announced a new landmark guideline. Two weeks after taking all required doses of Kovid vaccines, citizens are no longer required to wear masks in most indoor and open environments.

It was news that everyone had wanted to hear for a long time. Rochelle Wallensky, director of the United States Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, said that people who are fully vaccinated in the United States are no longer required to wear masks or create physical distance in an open or closed environment.

The exception is for hospitals and public transport. Even those who are vaccinated still have to wear masks on buses, trains, subways and airplanes.

He said that this step became possible due to increase in vaccination and decline in the number of Kovid cases. More than 46% of the American population received at least one dose vaccine.

Valensky showed the results of three studies, one in Israel and two in the United States, which reported more than 90% of the effectiveness of vaccines applied in the United States in preventing disease and hospitalization.

The CDC director also stressed that vaccines are effective against variants and that in rare cases of a vaccinated person, the symptoms of the disease are almost always lower, the last less time and the lower the risk of transmission.

Such was the case this afternoon on Globnews. Reporters Carolina Centimee in New York and Reckel Cranbahl in Washington began to emerge as an epidemic.

Government measures are seen as an incentive for vaccination. The CDC director warned: Those who were not vaccinated still have serious symptoms and risk of dying, as well as spreading the covid to others. Therefore, you should still wear a mask and get vaccinated immediately.

Since April, in all US states, vaccines over the age of 16 have been available, and as of this Thursday, Pfizer supplements have also been applied to those over the age of 12 – 17 million in this new limit age. Huh.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden said reducing the use of masks is a milestone in the fight against the virus, a result of actions to increase vaccination that have helped the economy recover.

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