US Navy warns world against 3 Iranian ships in Gulf

US and Iran disagree on sanctions to resume nuclear deal;  Americans see possible 'deadlock'  world

Navy of America Reported to be Warning Shots on Three Military Ships The Iranians were seen patrolling an area near an American vessel on Tuesday (27) Persian Gulf.

In an official statement, the Americans say they have issued several loudspeaker alerts, but when the boats reached about 60 meters away, they fired on the alert. Such incidents are relatively common in the region – but have not been reported for at least 1 year.

Persian Gulf and surrounding countries – Photo: G1 World

According to the US Armed Forces, three Iranian ships were operated by the Revolutionary Guard of the Will And reportedly arrived on the eve of the USS Firebolt and another US Coast Guard ship in international waters in the northern part of the Gulf.

“American crews issued a number of alerts via direct radio and loudspeaker equipment, but Revolutionary Guard ships continued their maneuvers closely,” the statement said.

According to US officials, the fireball crew fired warning shots and the Iranian ship moved away. In a statement, the Navy called a similar action – but without shots – earlier this month with another US vessel.

In February, in an offer to return to the pact, US President Joe Biden stressed the need to curb “Iran’s destabilizing activities in the Middle East”.

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