US school sparks controversy after a student is presented with a waistband. World

US school sparks controversy after a student is presented with a waistband.  World

An American mother has been protesting on social media for the past week over the “Body Image Help” program offered by her daughter’s school in Mississippi (USA).

According to the American broadcaster ABC, Southven Middle School sent a letter to the students in which it offered a proposal to take care of the children’s bodies. In this presentation, children were expected to ask for modeling clothes (body belts) and bras.

“It was a little surprising. I had to read it twice to see if it really said what I thought,” said mom Ashley Hyun.

In the program’s cover letter, the school said it is providing clothing to help girls feel better about their bodies because, according to them, negative female body image is linked to depression and mental health conditions.

Hyun said that he sees the attitude as a positive thing, but it was done the wrong way. He used social media to express his displeasure.

“This is what my eighth grade girl came home with” posted Ashley Hyun on her social media – Photo: Twitter

“I really wanted to reach out to other parents in the community to know that they got the letter and what they thought about it,” he said. “There was nothing quite like rallying the soldiers to tell the school.”

“He was so apologetic, I said I knew the counselor had the best of intentions,” she said.

DeSoto County, which is responsible for the area, said the school has closed its children’s modeling clothing distribution program.

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